WARNING: “Disturbing Visitors” Caught At Obama’s War Room 2 Miles From White House

In presidential tradition, most presidents hold their tongue when it comes to their successors, and usually don’t sink so low as to meddle in their successor’s administration. Obama, however, seems to be violating this unspoken tradition and has been working to cripple the Trump presidency even after leaving the White House.

According to sources, details have emerged regarding two callers at Obama’s “war room” plotting to undermine the current president. This war room holds two conference calls each day to hash out media talking points. The calls come at 8:30 am EST and 9:45 am EST, and two figures who joined the calls were Kathleen Sebelius, former first secretary of Health and Human Services and Andrew Slavitt, former head of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Both were prominent Obama supporters. (via Gateway Pundit)

Dick Morris, a political pollster and former aide to President Bill Clinton, revealed recently that President Obama has set up a secret “war room,” whose main purpose is to hash out and develop media talking points for the day and plan TV ads that will be used by the mainstream news outlets against the current president.

“Obama has set up a secret operation in a war room just about two miles from the White House. They have a twice daily conference call…and they develop talking points for the media for the day for how to sabotage and undermine Trump. Lately, it’s been devoted and dedicated to trying to defeat Trump’s healthcare reform…so much for smooth presidential transitions!” (via Youtube)

This has drawn attention for a number of reasons, as presidents usually don’t keep Washington as their home base after leaving office. But even more significant is the long-standing tradition of former presidents not interfering with their successor’s administration.

Interfering is one thing, but secretly plotting to undermine his successor’s administration is something else. Kathleen Sebellius, one of Obama’s callers and loyal supporters, is soon heading off on a month long bus tour designed to put pressure on members of Congress to say no to the health care law’s repeal.

The two Obama supporters are just some of the former president’s many aides supporting this project, which goes by the name of Protect Our Care. The Obama aides have already directed about $6 million toward television ads for opposing the repeal of Obamacare, although they try to keep their involvement secret from the public.

President Obama is specifically trying to eliminate Trump from the presidency. Should he stop meddling with the Trump administration?

Trump even suspected Obama of being behind this, in one instance figuring out his predecessor was behind the town hall meetings where citizens would complain about losing their healthcare. Trump said, “I think that President Obama is probably behind it, because his people are certainly behind it.” (via New York Times)

Shockingly enough, this isn’t the first instance where Obama’s plots have come under public scrutiny. A few months ago, Obama’s top political aide, Valerie Jarrett, moved in with the Obama family to better assist them in eroding the Trump administration. According to one unnamed source, Obama’s goal is to oust Trump from the presidency either through making him resign or getting him impeached.

Presidents can disagree on politics, but what Obama is doing right now is crossing the line and bordering on treason. For the good of this country, this needs to stop.