Disney Theme Park Traps Visitors Inside After Emergency Situation Prompts Park’s Total Shut Down

China’s zero-tolerance COVID policy kicked in at the Shanghai Disneyland on Monday. The establishment locked its gates and refused to allow anyone in or out.

There were reportedly 10 locally transmitted COVID cases on Monday, all of which were asymptomatic, according to CNBC.

The Shanghai government announced that people would not be allowed to leave Shanghai Disneyland until they could produce a negative COVID test result.

A representative with Shanghai Disney said the park was simply complying with the demands issued to businesses by the health authorities of the Chinese government.

When visitors rushed to the park gates in an attempt to leave, they found that the gates were already locked and they were trapped inside the park.

The Shanghai government allowed the park to continue operating the rides for the visitors whom it imprisoned in the park.

Later in the day, all guests were reported to have left the park because all test results came back negative, a Disney representative told Fox Business on Monday.

However, the Shanghai government is demanding that anyone who has visited the park since Thursday must test negative for COVID for three days straight.

Until they test negative, they are prohibited from leaving their homes for any reason, even for school, work or buying groceries.

Besides the theme park, all areas surrounding the park had also been shut down, including its shopping street.

Previous to Monday, Shanghai Disney Resort had been shut down for over three months during its lockdown earlier in the year.

Back in November of 2021, there were 30,000 visitors that authorities kept trapped inside for two days until they showed a negative test result.

China has been known to implement sudden lockdowns at businesses on other occasions as well, according to BBC news.

A Shanghai branch of IKEA, as well as various workplaces, have been forced into COVID-related lockdowns in the past.

People have generally attempted to race to exits and escape outside so they can flee to their homes rather than getting locked inside companies implementing a COVID lockdown.

Since Oct. 24, there are millions of people being forced to endure 200 various lockdowns.

The country of 1.45 billion reportedly has approximately 1,000 new COVID cases on a daily basis.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.