REVEALED: Difference Between Melania and Michelle CLEARLY Exposed

There are many differences between the Obama and Trump presidencies. One of those differences includes spending.

In an effort to curb government spending and boost the economy, the White House is portraying the example of the ‘less is more’ philosophy, especially with the First Lady. Where former First Lady Michelle Obama ‘needed’ a highly paid staff of 24, Melania Trump has whittled it down to five staff members. (via Western Journalism)

Open the Books, a watchdog organization that’s tasked itself with monitoring government spending and notifying the public of any gross expenditures, recently released a report revealing the White House under Trump’s leadership is expected to save $22 million his first term compared to Obama’s last term.

When reading the report, it becomes clear that these savings are achieved through the reduction of “policy czars,” staff for Melania, and eliminating some fellowship programs.

The Obamas were notorious for their lavish expenditures during both terms. Obama was reported on Glenn Beck’s website to have around 32 “czars” under his administration. “Policy czars” are highly paid individuals not necessarily confirmed by the Senate to work on a particular issue according to a presidential mandate.

An example is Steven Rattner, known as the “Car Czar”. He helped bail out several automakers as part of Obama’s effort to combat the recession and held the position for six months.

The fellowship programs under Obama were also noted for their expense. The Leadership Development Program was directed by Elaine Ho who earned $158,700 a year to help Michelle Obama with her “Let Girls Learn” program.

The final noteworthy expense by the Obamas was Michelle’s personal staff of 24. The number is a stark contrast to Melania’s team of five that is expected to result in a few million in savings alone over the term.

When first asked about how few staff she had after announcing her chief of staff, Melania said, “I am putting together a professional and highly experienced team which will take time to do properly.”

The budgetary cuts are in line with Trump’s plans to curb government spending and ease unnecessary burdens on taxpayers. In addition to the First Lady’s fewer staff numbers, Trump has 110 fewer employees than Obama did the first year of his presidency. Trump even donated the first quarter of his presidential salary to the National Park Service.

The Trumps are a welcome change from the Obamas. By tightening their own belts when they know average Americans are doing the same, they are able to relate more to their voter base, and earn the respect of the people for not needlessly spending hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Press Secretary Sean Spicer put it best when he said at a press conference, “I think one of the things that you’re going to continue to see from this President is a respect for taxpayers’ dollars, the money they spend and how they’re spent.”

Thank you First Lady Melania for refusing to follow Michelle’s example and utilizing our tax dollars more professionally and efficiently. It’s nice to know that the current First Lady only needs five employees to do her job and not 24, doing a much better job at using money wisely, not wastefully.