UNREAL: Dems Have a Horrifying Candidate To Run Against Trump In 2020

When the Democrats lost the 2016 election, you could hear a pin drop in any room full of Clinton supporters — once they finally stopped crying. It isn’t even the end of 2017 yet, and it seems the Left already have big plans for the 2020 election.

One of the main downfalls of Hillary Clinton, besides being an unlikeable person, is the fact that she didn’t really run on a message. Her message consisted of “Trump is bad and a joke,” and we see how well that worked out for her. According to The Hill, the Democrats have a new player in mind to win the 2020 election — Michelle Obama. 

Some of the other people rumored to run include Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D. Mass.), and even former Vice President Joe Biden, whom people have long speculated wants a crack at the Oval Office.

Michelle’s ties to the Democrats set her up for the perfect opportunity to make a 2020 run. For starters, she has the unwavering support of the masses of President Obama fans who post memes about how much they miss him, even now, ten months after he left office.

Furthermore, Michelle Obama embodies the ideas that Hillary tried to capitalize on before she fell flat on her face. The big difference between Hillary and Michelle is that Michelle actually has some charisma. It’s an act, but at least she pretends to care, unlike Hillary.

People seem to see Michelle as a strong, capable leader, though all she managed to do as FLOTUS was cause kids to go hungry because they didn’t want to eat the horrific lunches she was trying to force down their throats at school.

The stats do not lie. A poll from USA Today shows that Michelle walked away from the White House with a 68 percent approval rating. Compare that number to the 58 percent for President Obama, and then 61 percent for the Vice President Joe Biden.

Shockingly, Michelle had a higher approval rating than Hillary Clinton when Clinton left the White House as FLOTUS in the year 2000. The “stage” has been set in her favor.

Another reason Democrats would likely flock to her is the fact that there is no controversy surrounding her. During the election cycle, Clinton was in the middle of the email scandal, was metaphorically kicking down constitutional walls, and even some Democrats felt alienated by her.

The people who felt alienated leaned towards Bernie Sanders until he mysteriously dropped out of the race and endorsed Hillary right after. People tend to forget that Michelle was likely involved in all of the criminal activity that her husband took place in as POTUS.

A hypothetical match up that took place through Public Policy Polling discovered that people still prefer Barack Obama as the president, even though his terms are long gone. He scored 52 percent leaving Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren in the dust.

It is this kind of mentality that is going to draw Democrats to Michelle. It may take some convincing from her husband as well as her friend Hillary Clinton, but it is still possible. In fact, it’s not just possible — it’s likely.