BREAKING: Dems Get Catastrophic News, They Deserve This

The Democrats considered their governor victories in Virginia and New Jersey as something they deserve to tout around. Blinded by their small success, they are unaware that they’ve lost a major struggle.

A struggle between powers is occurring, centered around President Trump’s judicial appointments. The Left was convinced they would be able to stop the President from moving forward with his plan. They were profoundly mistaken, and it is due to Harry Reid, the former Democrat majority Senate leader. According to The Washington Times, Democrats will have a nearly impossible time stopping the judicial appointments because Reid’s Nuclear Option backfired on them.

The old Senate rule stated that a judicial nominee must be approved by at least 60 senators. The Democrats, who seemingly did not think this though, failed to realize that Republicans have enough senators in their minority to deny confirmation through means of filibustering former-President Obama’s nominations.

However, they are in their powers as a majority to rewrite the rule citing that there need to be 60 votes. This rule is deemed the “Nuclear Option.”

The name comes from the idea that neither party wanted nuclear warfare within the Senate unless there was no other choice. In 2013, Harry Reid instantly confirmed all of Mr. Obama’s nominees via a simple majority.

Now that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are in control, the nuclear option is still alive and well. It is a tool to fight back against the Democrats who aspire to “resist” Trump, his nominees, or anything that he works to accomplish. The nuclear option has once again become useful.

At this point, the Left is not willing to reason with anyone. While touting bipartisanship, they repeatedly oppose anything Republicans bring to the table. This Nuclear Option will allow Republicans to bring in nominees now and in the future.

President Trump already confirmed judicial appointments for 13 people. That number is higher than the past four presidents at the same point in their presidencies as Trump is in now.

Reid’s nuclear option is going to be necessary due to how many spots are available. Currently, there are 49 judicial nominees awaiting confirmation.

There are also 98 vacancies throughout the system that are waiting for an appointment. A lot of work is still left to be done, and this nuclear deal will help resolve most of these issues in a timely and reasonable fashion.

Democrats just learned it’s going to be a lot harder to undo the Trump presidency. Will they take the news well?

This is just one example of how the Democrats are slowly letting their power slip from their grasp. Their obsessive behavior over everything that President Trump does or talks about is distracting them from the real issues facing the country.

Some would say that Democrats don’t really care about power anymore; they are only looking for affirmation. It is hard to imagine a group that wants control when they can’t discuss serious political issues without calling someone a racist or a bigot. It is this kind of intolerant behavior that got President Trump elected in the first place.