BREAKING: Top Dems Caught Taking Lavish Trips On Voters’ Dime

Democrats exploiting and misspending the contributions of their constituents is becoming a rather frequent occurrence, perhaps so much so that it’s hardly surprising when such accounts do come to light. However, it seems that another minority group has been taken advantage of by this once-respected political party.

It seems that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC has been less than honest about where it’s been spending its contributions. In particular, they’ve been caught spending significant sums on restaurants, Vegas resorts, and nightclubs, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC (CHC BOLD PAC), has had some of its spending habits reviewed by a Federal Election Commission, and it appears to be far from frugal.

Although describing itself as “the fastest growing Democratic political action committee dedicated to increasing diversity in the House and Senate,” as well as saying it “champions progressive Democrats fighting for change,” it appears that this monetary growth has been largely squandered by the group.

Having raised $4.4 million in contributions in 2017, the group ended up spending over $2.2 million on a variety of lavish expenses, including luxury hotels in Las Vegas. This was alongside the hefty consultant fees they paid that reached up to the hundreds of thousands.

The specific list of expenses is quite long, but some of the more notable instances include paying $19,649.12 for catering at Caesar’s Palace, $2,000 on Michael Jackson One tickets at Mandalay Bay, and even spending $79,603.06 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Gold Resort, Spa & Marina.

However, that wasn’t close to the group’s largest expense. The PAC allocated close to $205,000 for fundraising services to Amy Strathdee, a Democrat political consultant. They also forked over $307,103 for fundraising consulting, as well as an extra $70,000 for advertising and production, to Mothership Strategies, a group started by former insiders at the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

The startling trend of minority caucus groups taking advantage of their constituents has been around for a while. Just recently, the overwhelmingly Democrat Black Congressional Caucus, which endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, was also caught spending lavishly on resorts, venues, and events of their choosing – rather than contributing to the candidates they pledged to support.

In fact, the group spent more money on entertaining themselves than helping their causes and candidates and fulfilling the responsibility they have to their donors.

Not surprisingly, in both cases–with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Black Congressional Caucus–their respective treasurers refused to comment on expenditures.

Currently, the Hispanic Caucus PAC is trying to raise even more money, exploiting the recent push for single-payer health care, despite the fact that half of its members have never come out in favor of such a position.

It’s truly remarkable to see to what extent these groups, especially those on the Left-leaning side, are willing to go in order to siphon funds from the American citizens just so they can line their own pockets. Americans need to be informed that these PACs are, for the most part, an inefficient and ineffective way to support their political views and candidates.