CRIMINAL: Dems Just Got Caught in a Massive Collusion Scandal

The word “collusion” has been thrown around quite a bit since President Trump won the election last November. In most cases, the word was used by Democrats who–without evidence–accused the president of colluding with Russia. Now the tables have turned, and the Democrats are left scrambling for answers.

According to Fox News, the watchdog group Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) recently filed a complaint with the Federal  Election Commission regarding the DNC and Alexandra Chalupa, the former Ukrainian-American consultant. FACT claims the DNC and Chalupa solicited illegal contributions from the Ukrainian government, as well as probing for information about Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman.

There has been suspicion regarding Chalupa for quite some time. It started when Politico published a report stating that the consultant met with the Ukrainian Embassy last year.

FACT’s complaint states that a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy helped Chalupa probe for a connection between Manafort and Russia. It developed to a point where they were researching together, trying to pull together strings that were not there.

The allegations do not stop there. FACT claimed that Chalupa received “in-kind contributions” from the embassy. Things like private information, research, investigatory activity, and so on would fall under improper use of “in-kind contributions.”

Simply put, since Chalupa was hired by the DNC at the time of the collusion, what she did was illegal. The FACT claim states that federal law “prohibits accepting or receiving anything of  value from foreign nationals.” Included in that grouping is information on a potential presidential candidate.

The watchdog group states that the DNC has admitted that they had this information, but they denied using it. Since they admitted having it, they likely used it.

That’s as credible as a bank robber telling the police that they shouldn’t be arrested because none of the money was spent. The DNC has a thing for tip-toeing around words, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find that the DNC did use this information.

FACT’s general counsel, Kendra Arnold, said, “We’re hopeful the FEC does a full investigation and gets to the bottom of what happened here.” Oddly enough, a DNC official reported to Fox News that Chalupa did not represent the DNC during her time working with the Ukrainian Embassy to dig-up dirt on Manafort. This statement goes directly against what they previously stated.

President Trump even spoke out about the collusion. He stated in a tweet late last month, “Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign – “Quietly working to boost Clinton.” So where is the investigation A.G. @seanhannity”

Ironically, the DNC is fighting back full force against the claim now. A spokesperson said that Trump was using this as a “narrative” to “distract from the Trump campaign’s willingness to work with a hostile foreign government to interfere in our election.”

That being said, what happens if the FEC discovers that the DNC did work with the Ukrainian Embassy? This would cause a huge political shakeup because the Left has been trying to prove for almost a year that Trump worked with Russia, without any success. If their traitorous behavior gets exposed, there will be many questions the DNC will have to answer.