WATCH: Top Dem’s Horrifying Anti-Trump Plot Exposed

A top Democrat revealed exactly why the Democrat Party, in its current form, will never win another major election.

Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ), has unveiled his latest plan to bankrupt America. In a recent interview with a New Jersey PBS affiliate, Corey Booker explained that President Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border is a “dead end.” Booker said he would never compromise on the wall, and insisted that we should be “building bridges not walls, building tunnels in this region, not walls.”

According to Democrat Corey Booker, the United States should not only have an open border policy for immigration, but we should be funding human smuggling tunnels to help immigrants enter our country.

Sadly, Booker’s wish is already partly true as a massive series of tunnels connecting Mexico and the United States already exists. Mexican drug cartels rely on these tunnels for human trafficking and drug smuggling. Now it appears Booker is hoping to offer these drug cartels a helping hand.

Drug war and cartel expert Ioan Grillo explained that, like Sen. Booker, “drug traffickers love using tunnels.” The veteran journalist informed Business Insider that the “Mexico-US border is like a block of cheese with holes in it, with tunnels across it,” for a recent expose on the southern border.

Mike Vigil, the previous head of international operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), confirmed that Mexican drug cartels already make frequent use of human smuggling tunnels. The “US-Mexico border is literally riddled with tunnels,” he explained.

“They have to move those drugs across the border and probably the most secure method is through the use of tunnels,” said Vigil.

Essentially, what Booker is suggesting is to increase the number of tunnels currently connecting Mexico to the United States.

Authorities have discovered 224 tunnels across the southern border between 1990 and 2016. Of the tunnels found, 185 were completed, and successfully connected Mexico and the United States. The tunnels vary widely in their level of sophistication. Some are quickly made tunnels resembling a gopher hole, while others reveal massive construction operations. Some tunnels stretch miles and include rail systems, lifts, and lighting.

According to experts, the practice of building tunnels was spearheaded by Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and his Sinaloa Cartel. The Sinaloa Cartel conducted a majority of their operations around Tijuana, Mexico. The majority of the early tunnels ended in Otay Mesa, San Diego.

Otay Mesa is a small community just north of the border. The small town hosts highways, strip malls, and hundreds of unassuming warehouses, some of which serve as exits for the tunnels. “The bottom line is, you can probably shoot a bullet in the air and it’ll land on a warehouse that’s doing something illegal in this area,” explained a former supervisor of the San Diego Tunnel Task Force.

Senator Booker is apparently willing to increase the number of tunnels, despite the immense human cost associated with those that already exist. Major Mexican drug cartels rely on slave labor to construct these tunnels, which are then used to support their human trafficking efforts.

Now, Booker is hoping to help these drug cartels by constructing the tunnels for them, and eliminating all other barriers to entering the United States.