ALERT: Dems Announce Horrifying New ‘Welfare Freebie.’ Prepare To Be Outraged.

The giving of free benefits has been a staple of Democrat Party policy for decades. The idea behind this is that by offering free services to minorities they will vote indefinitely for the ones who are providing them with the benefits. It’s an insidious tactic that explains why Democrats are so enthusiastic about embracing immigration and amnesty.

However, it’s especially disgusting when the benefits in question constitute the death of unborn children. Democrats in Oregon have announced a new law that allows state funding for abortions to everyone, including unlawful immigrants, according to Fox News.

Having just passed the most progressive abortion bill in the nation, this new piece of legislation requires state insurers to provide free abortions for all, which is shocking in itself, not to mention the fact that unlawful immigrants are entitled to this taxpayer-funded service as well.

Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, signed the bill this Tuesday after the legislature approved it back in July. The new health care bill allocates $500,000 for abortions for the almost 23,000 women eligible under the plan.

Of course, opponents of the bill have rightly pointed out that this is essentially forcing some taxpayers who morally object to abortions to assume some of the costs out of their own pocket.

Others have predicted lawsuits will be leveled against the state. This bill stands against the Weldon Amendment, a 2004 congressional provision that prohibits state health care funds from being assigned on the basis of whether a provider refuses to cover abortions or not–as is the case with one Catholic health care provider, Providence Health Care.

Laurel Swerdlow, director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, said, “Oregonians don’t want reproductive health care attacked. Women, transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, people of color, immigrants and people of faith are not going to silently stand around while politicians in Washington, DC, try to take away our health care,” reports The Washington Times.

Aside from the ethical ramifications of this bill, critics have warned that this new law would imperil the state’s federal funding as well.

Republican state Representative Bill Post’s words reflect how many Americans feel: “The saddest day of my life was when I had to vote on this bill, though of course I voted NO, there was no reason to actually run this bill at all. Oregon should be ashamed and embarrassed.”

He brought up the fact that not only is this about taxpayer-funded abortions but that it is also forcing insurance providers to include abortion coverage against their will.


A fundamental truth in social behavior is that anything that is subsidized is encouraged. With abortions being subsidized and completely paid for, an explosion in the abortion rate is inevitable.

A new Oregon law allows state funding for abortions to everyone, including unlawful immigrants. Should this bill be repealed?

Oregon Right to Life Executive Director Gayle Atteberry stated, “By making abortion free, this percentage will inevitably increase. We also expect more late-term abortions, which are currently very expensive as well as risky to perform.”

As proponents of the Weldon Amendment begin the complicated and lengthy process of filing lawsuits against this new law, the people of Oregon who stand against abortion will have to be patient.