TREASON: 24 Democrats Caught In Plot to OVERTHROW Trump. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Unable to defeat him at the ballot box, Democrats are now resorting to legal trickery in order to carry out a coup against President Donald Trump.

Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) has proposed a bill in Congress that would create a committee to look into whether or not President Trump is “fit” to perform the duties of president, with removal from office as an option. As of Thursday, twenty-four Democrats have already signed on to this proposal. (via CNN)

The idea behind the bill lies in the 25th Amendment, which says that Congress can have the American president removed from office if health is determined to be so bad that he can no longer serve as the leader of the country.

Since President Trump’s physical health has never been in question, the Democrats are trying to convince their base that Donald Trump is somehow mentally unwell.

Raskin, a far-left progressive, believes that President Trump’s tweets are evidence enough of his insanity.

It should be noted that the bill’s co-sponsor is none other than Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL), the disgraced former chair of the DNC who not only got caught rigging the super delegate votes in favor of Hillary Clinton over the more popular Bernie Sanders, but who also is connected to a pair of Pakistani IT workers who may be blackmailing the federal government.

All of this could be simple projection.

Unfortunately for these coup plotters, Vice President Mike Pence has to agree to this investigation into President Trump’s mental health. That seems very unlikely.

Ultimately, the goal of Rep. Raskin and others is to continue the idea that President Trump is somehow illegitimate. After their Russian conspiracy narrative fell apart, all they have left now is the vague hope that a panel of psychologists will pronounce Trump unwell.

This is really rich, especially considering that there appeared to be signs that the Democratic Party’s own nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, wasn’t physically up to the job.

As a matter of fact, an amateur videographer caught Hillary Clinton collapsing in New York during a 9/11 memorial.

This is the candidate whom Democrats still believe is more “fit” to the be president than Donald Trump, a man who has abstained from drink and drugs his whole life. When Democrats attempted to cast doubt on Trump’s readiness, he released a letter from his doctor stating that he was “in excellent physical health.”

This attempt at usurpation will likely implode — just like every other Democratic tactic used since January 2017. However, it remains shocking and more than a little ironic that so many Democrats are committed to removing a democratically-elected official in the name of “democracy.”

They have zero proof of “collusion” with Russia. They have zero evidence that he’s mentally or physically unfit. It saddens me to say that, at this point, it seems all Democrats have is bitterness. This will not fly with the American people, who are ready to move on from this misguided fight and see things actually get done for once.