ALERT: 2 Democrats Caught in Major Scandal. They Should Be Fired.

Many high-level Democrats are falling under scrutiny recently concerning misconduct and corruption.

Now two more join the list, as Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) have been accused of ethics violations and are awaiting an ethics review. (via Politico)

Specifically, the politicians have come under suspicion for their actions and are being investigated by the House Ethics Committee.

As is normal in cases conducted by the ethics committee, they did not specify the allegations surrounding these two, but there are some clues as to the violations they have committed.

Lujan was reported by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) — a conservative group — which stated that Lujan violated ethics rules by soliciting campaign donations during and after the Democrats’ sit-in on the Hour Floor in June 2016. This sit-in was an attempt to protest Republicans’ understandable concern over gun control legislation.

One of these solicitations read, “They protested for TWENTY-SIX LONG HOURS, but Republicans refused to lift a finger. We need to get 21,673 more gifts in the door today to kick them out of office.”

A spokesman and senior advisor to Lujan responded in predictable fashion. “This announcement is the result of a frivolous complaint, filed by a highly partisan outside group about activities during the sit-in last year — a complaint that is without merit,” stated the spokesman. “Congressman Luján is committed to abiding by House Rules, is confident he has done so in this case and looks forward to a timely resolution.”

Considering just how much top Democrat officials are getting exposed for their misconduct and corruption, such confidence is likely not justified.

As for John Conyers, he has been under OCE review for the last year surrounding his interactions with his former top aide who pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property!

Cynthia Martin, Conyers aide, received $16,500 in deposits from the House of Representatives when she was no longer working for them, but she still took payments regardless. She refused to return them and was later charged for a misdemeanor, in which she pleaded guilty.

“From April to August 2016, Cynthia Martin received compensation from the House of Representatives at a time when she may no longer have been working for the House,” stated the OCE.  “If Ms. Martin accepted compensation that was not commensurate with the work she was performing, then she may have violated House rules and standards of conduct.”

These two join another figure who has recently come under fire: Democratic Representative Jon Lewis of Georgia. He has been accused of violating regulations concerning how much he paid his chief of staff and campaign treasurer Michael Lewis, violating rules limiting outside employment by senior House staffers.

“Even in the limited instances where outside employment is allowed, the amount that can be earned is capped at $27,255,” FACT said at the time. “In this case, Collins was earning $27,495 as Lewis’ campaign treasurer, a prohibited salary for a prohibited position.” (via The Hill)

It seems that Democrats are having a hard time handling the situation as their shady dealings are coming into public scrutiny. They should remind themselves that public officials are meant to serve their constituents first, rather than their own checkbooks and interests.