BREAKING: Democrats Issue Nasty Trump Threat

The Democrats are sincere enough in their support for illegal immigration that they are now threatening to shut down the federal government unless one of their pet bills is passed.

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has warned President Donald Trump and his White House that he and other liberal Democrats are prepared to shut down the government unless the Dream Act is passed, according to Washington Examiner. The Dream Act is designed to protect hundreds of thousands of so-called DREAMers from being deported.

“We have a Democratic caucus where I know the vast majority of the members of the Democratic caucus are ready to say ‘If there is no pathway forward, not only for the 800,000 and for visas for all of you, but also for the rest of immigrant youth through the Dream Act, then there is no government for anyone,” Rep. Gutierrez said during a press conference hosted by the United We Dream group.

United We Dream claims to support “immigrant youth.” Even more specifically, this advocacy groups wants the U.S. government to keep millions of illegal immigrants in this country.

What Rep. Gutierrez and United We Dream will not tell you is that many DACA recipients are grown adults, not children. Furthermore, liberals and the far-Left do not want you to know that at least 2,139 DACA recipients have been convicted of gang-related and drug-related crimes.

Although the Democrats have a legitimate right to shutdown the government, it is quite rich that these liberals may be planning to utilize the same tactics that they excoriated the Republicans for using back in 2013.

Almost all left-wing outlets, from the media to Democratic politicians, accused the Republicans in Congress with using politics to adversely interfere in the lives of ordinary Americans.

Because of the bad publicity they received, Congressional Republicans have noticeably shied away from budget battles over the last four years. Would the Democrats be willing to repeat the same mistake?

The reason why a Democrat-engineered government shutdown is possible is because the Dream Act is one of the key components of the modern Democratic Party. Since the party gave away its monopoly on the white working class vote back in 1968, the Democrats have increasingly become the party of the bottom one-percent and the top one-percent.

Also, by championing nakedly anti-white rhetoric, the Democrats have styled themselves into the party of non-white America. By supporting so-called DREAMers, the Democrats are essentially securing their political relevance for the next few decades. After all, Hispanic immigrants, who make up the vast majority of DREAMers and illegal aliens, overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

Rep. Gutierrez, a member of the new far-Left coalition of the Democrats, has swallowed the idea of demography is destiny. If the Dream Act fails and illegal immigrants are repatriated, then the predicted “browning” of America could be pushed back for a few more decades, thus further weakening the already failing Democratic Party.

Right now, the American population seems somewhat split over the DACA issue. However, another government shutdown could push them over the edge into the waiting arms of President Trump.