ALERT: Democrats Hit With Devastating Blow, This Is Humiliating

2017 is shaping up to be a terrible year for the Left because of some very recent and very awful news.

According to a recent article by The Hill, the Republican National Committee outpaced the Democratic National Committee in terms of contributions in the month of September. Since then, donors, both big and small, have continued to abandon the Democrats. 

This major slump in donations have many people wondering if the DNC can survive until 2018.

According to Politico, the DNC’s uncertain future is a self-inflicted wound brought on by the party’s inability to achieve a major victory in either the House or Senate since Republicans took control of both last November.

Writers Gabriel Debenedetti and Edward-Isaac Dovere summarized DNC woes thus: “Many donors are refusing to write checks. And on-the-ground operatives worry they won’t have the resources to build the infrastructure they need to compete effectively in next year’s midterms and in the run-up to 2020.”

Time magazine recently rubbed salt into the wound by writing a cover article about how the Democratic Party in 2017 looks a lot like the Democratic Party in 1929.

The year before, in 1928, Democratic presidential candidate Al Smith lost in a landslide to Republican Herbert Hoover. Hoover not only won 58-percent of the popular vote, but also nabbed 444 votes in the Electoral College.

However, these comparisons miss some major differences. First of all, Smith was a Catholic New Yorker who was rejected by the mostly Protestant and rural voters of the Republican Party. Back then, Smith received flak for not only being a “papist,” but also being a “wet,” or someone who supported the repeal of Prohibition.

Years later, after Herbert Hoover’s terrible handling of the Great Depression, Smith would court controversy by speaking out against President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal.

Smith saw FDR’s policies as too radical and too elitist. In many ways, Donald Trump is more like Al Smith than Herbert Hoover, a Midwestern progressive who believed in greater federal involvement in the economy, or FDR.

It is also noteworthy that Time‘s article seems to admit that it would take something as terrible as the Great Depression to bring the Democratic Party back into power.

As it stands today, Nebraska Democrat and party chair Jane Kleeb, sounded the alarm bells of defeatism when she told Politico, “Donors, small and large, are so over the party.”

While all of these developments may sound like great news for the RNC, Republicans, especially “establishment” Republicans in Congress, are facing a right-wing insurgency led by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Mr. Bannon has made it clear that he is out to rid the GOP of “globalists” and others who do not support nationalism, populism, and national capitalism.

Bannon has already thrown his support behind a string of insurgent candidates in 2018, many of whom will be targeting anti-Trump Republicans in the House and Senate.

After the debacle in Alabama, where pro-Trump voters cast their ballots for Roy Moore rather than Trump-backed incumbent Luther Strange, it seems likely that President Trump may refrain from supporting anti-Bannon candidates.

This could mean that both the GOP and the Dems could be in for a bloodbath come 2018.