WATCH: Democrats Get Terrifying News

The Democrats have been under fire for a number of reasons over the past couple of years. It seems like their behavior is finally catching up to them and as a result, it is hitting them where it hurts the most–their wallet.

According to Fox News, the Democrat National Committee just had the worst month for donations in over a decade. Their total for July 2017 and July 2007 both set at a paltry $3.8 million. When compared to the $10.2 million that the Republicans pulled in last month alone, it is obvious that there are some serious issues at the DNC.

In other words, the Republicans managed to double, and almost triple, the fundraising money that Democrats received in one month. As one would presume, the Democrats are not happy about this.

“We really should be kicking their a****. It shouldn’t even be close, considering all hell is breaking loose on their side,” one Democrat donor relayed. Regardless of this donor’s contributions, the actual numbers tell a very different story.

The totals for the year are even more telling. During the first half of 2017, the Democrats raised $38.2 million, while the Republicans raised $75.4 million.

After fees and debts, the grand total for each party breaks down to about $45 million for Republicans to the $3 million for Democrats. It isn’t even a contest anymore.

While the huge difference in the amount of money given to each party is evident, it is important to understand why there is such a disparity. One of the big factors is that President Trump is in the White House.

Aside from having a Republican president, donors are driven away from the Democrat side, which has lost all sense of rationality. They are wasting their time making up false narratives about the president, and it is offputting to many faithful Democrats.

Everyone is aware that the Trump-Russia scandal is perhaps one of the biggest rumors to rock the White House in years. The only problem is there is no evidence to support their claim. Normal, rational adults can see that.

Why would someone want to contribute money to a party that is blatantly lying and spreading disinformation? The American people–both Democrats and Republicans–are speaking with their wallets.

The Democrat National Committee is getting shellacked by the Republicans where political fundraising is concerned. Do you believe this fundraising disparity is because of the Democrats failed policies?

Another reason that the Republican Party could be getting more donations has to do with the accomplishments that President Trump has achieved during his time in office. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high, the stock market is rising, and unemployment is historically low.

Experiencing positive changes in the country leads people to support the party that is contributing to the growth of individuals, their loved ones, and their businesses. If trends continue, Republicans may continue to take in more money than the Democrats in coming months–and even years. The people have spoken, and they are looking towards the party that is offering them real, substantial change that they can see and experience first hand.