WATCH: Top Democrat Issues Powerful Pro-Trump Announcement

Since 2016, it has become standard for Democrats to constantly bash President Donald Trump over every word and every decision. However, not all Democrats are so blinded by anti-Trump vitriol.

During a discussion on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures, former Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman said that President Trump “has an absolute right, in my opinion, as Commander-in-Chief to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Agreement.” 

Lieberman, a former Democrat who became an Independent, spoke out against the prevailing liberal narrative that President Trump’s recent maneuvers against the Iran Nuclear Agreement are illegal and ill-founded.

In truth, these outcries mostly showcase Democratic fear that the Trump administration is working to undue one of the few landmarks decisions of the Obama years.

Despite all of the shoddy reporting about the issue, the Trump administration claims that it has not left the Iran Nuclear Deal. Rather, the current plan is to send the deal to Congress in order to get a better deal for America.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, told NBC’s Meet the Press that, “I think right now you are going to see us stay in the deal.”

“What we hope is that we can improve the situation. And that’s the goal. So I think right now, we’re in the deal to see how we can make it better. And that’s the goal. It’s not that we’re getting out of the deal. We’re just trying to make the situation better so that the American people feel safer,” Haley added.

Haley further noted that, “What we’re trying to say is, ‘Look, the agreement was an incentive. The agreement was for you to stop doing certain things.’ You haven’t stopped doing certain things. So what do we do to make Iran more accountable so that they do?”

Haley’s comments echo President Trump’s long-held belief that the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiated by the Obama administration was a “disaster.” Specifically, Mr. Trump has noted that not only has America received no discernible benefits from the deal, but the deal has served to embolden Iran, the chief sponsor of terrorism in the region.

It is worth noting that the de-certification of the Iran Nuclear Deal follows a pattern that Donald Trump has pursued since becoming president. Namely, Mr. Trump uses his veto power or his executive privileges to push issues down to Congress for further debate.

Unlike former President Barack Obama, President Trump is trying to seek a balance between the executive office and the legislative branch.

Joe Leiberman said that President Trump has a right to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Do you agree with him?

Despite liberal fears that President Trump is a “fascist” and an “imperial” president, he has done quite a job of trying to give Congress back some of the power it has lost since the early 20th century.

It remains to be seen whether or not Congress will rise to the occasion. While Mr. Lieberman is right about President Trump’s privileges when it comes to international deals, it still remains that the frosty relationship between Republicans in Congress and President Trump could derail the creation of  a new Iran Nuclear Deal.