BREAKING: Democrat Hacking Scandal Explodes, This Could Get Ugly

Corruption in the Democratic Party is nothing new. Most famously, Democrats committed major voter fraud and bribed fresh-off-the-boat immigrants at Tammany Hall, and, more recently, the DNC email scandal and the discovery of the DNC suppressing support for Bernie Sanders erupted in 2016.

Now, A new series of revelations reveal that a Pakistani family that was collecting salaries as IT administrators for U.S. House Democrats have been involved in bizarre schemes. Official court records, documents, and interviews show that this family may have been engaged in extortion and tax, bankruptcy, and insurance fraud in a giant effort to funnel their stolen money overseas. (via The Daily Caller)

Imran Awan, his wife Hina, and brothers Abid and Jamal, have collectively pocketed more than $4 million as IT administrators for House Democrats for the past eight years. They were fired in February 2017 amid criminal investigations regarding suspected violations on the House IT network. (via Politico)

In a disturbing case of indifference, House Democrats chalked up the allegations as a large misunderstanding, or even worse, as evidence of “Islamophobia”.

The claims are ridiculous, as there are copious amounts of evidence that the family has been involved in fraud for a long period of time.

The family owns rental properties in Virginia that have been heavily financed. Yet it is unclear where the rental income goes, as the tenants insist that they were requested to pay in odd ways that make it almost impossible to trace.

“He only wants cash – for the security deposit, everything,” said one former tenant who asked to not be identified for fear of suffering retaliation by the family.

Another renter stated, “I would write the rent to all sorts of different people.” Yet the Awan’s tenants seemed confused as to why the U.S. House of Representatives paid them a full-time salary when they spend months of the year overseas in Pakistan.

Abid, one of Awan’s brothers, would later start a car dealership with Nasir Khattek, who operated another car dealership next door.

Khattek eventually testified in sworn testimony that Abid’s dealership and financial records were a complete sham and that Abid received $100,000 from Iraqi politician Ali Al-Attar, a fugitive wanted by the U.S. Department of Justice and connected with Hezbollah. (via The Daily Caller)

Abid later filed for bankruptcy to discharge the debts his dealership had accumulated from those who accused him of fraud. He and his family faced no repercussions.

He was required to submit financial disclosures to Congress but attested that he had no liabilities and that his wife had no income whatsoever, despite the fact that she was making an impressive salary from the same employer her husband works for — and who also reviews the very disclosure documents he was signing.

In that same disclosure, he allegedly lied about his rental income, stating they received little to no rent payments. It seems he was also not forthright about the marital status of his wife, claiming he was divorced from her as a means of keeping two houses against the bankruptcy stipulation that he needed to sell his assets to pay off creditors. They are still apparently together.

If you think it ends there, you are mistaken. The rabbit hole continues to go deeper, as his stepmother said in court documents that the brothers tried to commandeer their dying father’s assets by intimidating her into providing a power of attorney that gave them control their father’s estate.

“Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful, and if I ever call the police again, [he] will…kidnap my family members back in Pakistan,” Awan’s stepmother said.

This stands as one of the most blatant cases of corruption and fraud that have come out of the Democratic Party. Even more troubling is the dismissal of the seriousness of the case against the Awans. Now, more than ever, Democrats need to clean house and spare no cost in kicking out corrupt party members. Will it happen? That has yet to be seen.