BREAKING: Powerful Democrat Caught In Highly Illegal Corruption Scandal

Financial scandals have been rampant among Democrats recently.

The most notable investigation into potential financial fraud is that of Bernie Sanders and his wife, who is being investigated for fraud during her tenure as president of Burlington College in Vermont. The newest money-laundering case is that of Representative Lacy Clay (D-MO), funneling $80,000 to his sister using campaign funds. (via Breitbart)

Congressman Clay is a representative for Missouri’s first congressional district, a position he’s held since 2001. He made the news in January when he fought Republicans over a teenager’s “right” to hang a painting at the Capitol building depicting police as pigs.

Now Clay is making the news for funneling money to his sister’s law firm since 2002.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained documentation of Clay’s campaign finances that show $80,000, more than 70 percent of the campaign fund, was sent to the Law Office of Michelle C. Clay, LLC, a law firm owned by his sister. Further investigation revealed that since 2002, nearly the entire time Clay has held his office, during every election campaign, funds were used to funnel money into his sister’s firm, totaling more than $800,000.

This is further evidence of the epidemic of corruption and scandal that has been plaguing the Democratic Party for some time now. Even worse is that Clay’s $800,000 scheme over 15 years is small when compared to more high-profile scandals by other Democrats.

Evidence has been found showing the Obama Administration funneled over $17 billion to various left-wing organizations. The Obama Department of Justice would essentially allow companies to make donations to certain left-wing organizations to get rid of lawsuits they were facing from the Department. Not wanting to be part of a lawsuit with the DOJ, they quickly sent the money and liberal organizations received funding to promote their agendas.

Hillary Clinton has also amassed an untold fortune through the Clinton Foundation and position as Secretary of State under Obama. Her pay-to-play scheme helped big foundation donors receive special attention from Clinton’s office, or she required donations to the foundation in order for interested parties to receive her attention.

It was also revealed from a Wikileaks released email that the Clinton Foundation received money from foreign sources and failed to report it while she was Secretary of State. The worst example was when Qatar gave $1 billion to the foundation on Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday and it wasn’t reported, something required by law.

Such a donation going unreported is, by the expert opinion of many, a federal offense, and further proves that corruption is deep within the Democratic Party, at a level as high as the State Department.

Many people are convinced that this kind of deep corruption is why we should impose term limits on members of Congress. What do you think? Let everyone know in the poll below!

While not all liberal politicians are guilty of money laundering, the amount of money involved in this case is disturbing, in addition to that of Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play scheme. Even worse is that while there is clear evidence of corruption, potentially criminal behavior, and ethics violations, very few if any of these scandals are receiving media attention or being seriously investigated.

Some liberal Democrats are building vast wealth through deceit, corruption, and illegal behavior, much of it at the taxpayers’ expense. They need to be held accountable, and the rampant money-laundering by individuals in the Democratic Party needs to be investigated.