WATCH: Democrat Comes Forward, Exposes Obama’s Treason

Major divisions are arising in the Democrat party as information about Former President Obama’s war crimes are garnering mainstream media attention.

After a secret fact-finding mission in war-torn Syria, representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) appeared on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper to discuss her findings. According to the congresswomen, every person she spoke to during her time in Syria confirmed that former President Barack Obama was funding radical terror groups ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Rep. Gabbard explained that the people of Syria were overjoyed to see an American walking their streets, but they also asked, “Why is it that the United States, its allies in other countries, are providing support, are providing arms, to terrorist groups like Al-Nusra, like Al-Qaeda, Tahrir al-Sham, ISIS who are on the ground there raping, kidnapping, torturing, and killing the Syrian people?”

Jake Tapper quickly cut in to inform his CNN viewers that the Obama administration denies providing support for any terrorist organization. Instead, Tapper claims, they just fund moderate rebels attempting to overthrow the Assad regime.

“I am glad you brought up that point,” Gabbard said, shifting to the topic of moderate rebels. “Every place that I went, every person that I spoke to, I asked this question to them. Without hesitation they said ‘there are no moderate rebels. Who are these moderate rebels that people keep speaking of?’ Regardless of the name of these groups, the strongest fighting force on the ground in Syria is Al-Nusra or Al-Qaeda and ISIS. … There is a number of different other groups. All of them, essentially, are fighting alongside, with, or under the command of the strongest group on the ground.”

According to Gabbard, the Syrian people believe that toppling the Assad regime would simply allow terrorist groups like ISIS to seize control of their country.

After sitting down with Jake Tapper, Rep. Gabbard released a statement detailing her trip to Syria. The congresswomen explained that she never intended to meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but that she could not pass up such an important opportunity.

“I return to Washington, D.C. with even greater resolve to end our illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government.” Gabbard wrote in her statement. Now, she is leaning on Congress to pass the Stop Arming Terrorists Act she introduced.

A bill has been proposed called the Stop Arming Terrorists Act. Do you support this?

The Stop Arming Terrorists Act would block the American military from providing training, arms, and logistics for supposedly moderate rebel groups affiliated with terrorist organizations. The legislation also targets Saudi Arabia, Turkey  and the Gulf States who provide direct support for international terror.

According to Gabbard, American interests and the interests of the Syrian people would be best served by coordinating military effort against ISIS and Al-Qaeda, instead of supporting groups controlled by them.

Since taking office, President Trump has continued to rely on rebel groups such as the Free Syrian Army, however, the majority of President Trump’s efforts have been directed against ISIS. Since President Trump’s election, ISIS has lost control of their capitol city Mosul, and most of Raqqa.