BREAKING: Democrat Bomb Plot Foiled

The mainstream media’s incitement of violence is starting to have real world impacts. These impacts are putting the public in grave danger.

Federal agents arrested a Houston, Texas man who was caught attempting to rig a Confederate statue with explosives. A local park ranger discovered young Andrew Schneck, 25, acting suspiciously by the feet of a statue dedicated to Confederate Lieutenant Dick Dowling, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Schneck was arrested around 11 PM last Saturday, just one week after the controversial “Unite the Right” rally and corresponding counter-protests were launched in Charlottesville, Virginia. Schneck was caught tampering with explosives near the Confederate statue on the same day that hundreds of Houston activists came out to protest the controversial statue “Spirit of the Confederacy” as part of the “Destroy the Confederacy” movement.

Andrew Schneck was identified by Red State as a chemistry student from an affluent Houston family. Schneck was raised in an avowedly Democrat home in a prominent “art community.” His mother made multiple large donations to the Democrat National Committee.

Authorities confronted Schneck near the base of Lt. Dowling’s statue with two suspicious looking boxes holding loose wires, a homemade detonator, a battery, timer, and the homemade explosive compound hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD).

Schneck was also found with a bottle containing a strange liquid. When police arrived, the young man attempted to drink from the bottle, but “immediately spit the liquid on the ground…then proceeded to pour the contents of the bottle on the ground next to him,” explained a police report. Upon testing, the bottle was found to contain nitroglycerin.

“Nitroglycerin is highly dangerous to transport or use,” reads the police statement. “In its undiluted form, it is one of the world’s most powerful explosives.”

Schneck’s arrest at the statue launched a two-day hunt for improvised explosives that forced FBI and¬†Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) agents to evacuate the houses surrounding the 2000 block of houses on Alban Road, a secluded suburb near Rice University where Schneck lives with his parents.

Bomb squads uncovered a cache of deadly explosives in the suburban home, which was disposed of in a series of explosions outside the Schneck’s home. “There’s a significant amount of material,” explained Larry Satterwhite, a Houston assistant police chief. “Some very hazardous materials were found.” He said, without clarifying which explosives were found.

This is not the first time that the young leftist was caught by police for making explosives. Schneck was convicted and plead guilty to illegally storing explosives at another of his parents’ homes in 2014. The then-22-year-old was sentenced to five years probation. While under probation, Schneck was allowed to complete an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Austin College.

He was released from probation early by an area judge last year after lawyers attested to his “exemplary character,” arguing that he was no longer committed to “high-risk activities.”

Federal agents arrested a Houston, Texas man who was caught attempting to rig a Confederate statue with explosives. Is this kind of behavior spurred on by the current media monument hysteria?

In these earlier raids, police expected to find improvised nerve or tear gas. Authorities explained that Schneck had the ability and chemicals required to create these poisonous substances. Instead, police uncovered Picric acid, a military grade explosive.

In this case, evidently, the lawyers were absolutely wrong about Schneck’s “exemplary character” and his commitment to “high-risk activities.”