BREAKING: Democrat Arrested, Booked Into Jail

Two weeks after a warrant was issued for a potential New Mexico Congressman, he has been arrested. The suspect was located at an Albuquerque apartment complex.

Democrat David Alcon was running for New Mexico’s District 2 Congressional Seat, at least until his arrest. He got picked up for allegedly stalking a woman in Santa Fe, according to The Daily Caller. Reports state that the stalking charge is more severe than once anticipated. The charges are said to be felonious.

The story started when a woman reported that she had been receiving creepy and inappropriate messages from Alcon following a Halloween party they both allegedly attended. This is not the first run in the woman has had with Alcon.

Claims from the woman suggest that he was sending messages professing his love for her. He took it a step further and said he wanted to have children with her, and sent her a picture of his genitals. Alcon is currently being held without bond.

The woman told police that she knew Alcon from about 10 years ago, and his behavior was consistent. She insisted that even 10 years ago, he was sending her strange messages. At one point, she called the police on Alcon because he was outside of her apartment.

Perhaps not surprising, Alcon has an extensive history of this kind of behavior. Alcon had multiple run-ins with the law, including a conviction for stalking his ex-girlfriend in 2007. The potential congressional candidate was described as “clearly obsessed” with his ex-girlfriend.

To make matters worse, on the morning of the 2007 trial, Alcon went to his ex-girlfriend’s house, and placed rose petals all over her porch.

District Judge Michael Vigil remarked on the actions before Alcon was sentenced, “You are a 30-year-old man acting like an infatuated high-school boy.”

“It was just unbelievable to me, David … That is creepy. That is scary for a person. You would not go away. Violence takes a lot of different forms. [What you did] was a form of violence to the victim.” Judge Vigil concluded.

As a result of the case, Alcon was convicted of both aggravated stalking as well as trespassing. Allegedly, he also broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house before going to court. The ruling in the 2007 case gave him three years probation. Deputy District Attorney Doug Couleur cited Alcon’s previous arrests for “domestic violence, battery, assault and violation of a restraining order” and said that jail time wouldn’t allow Alcon to get the treatment he desperately needed for his issues.

A Democrat running for office in New Mexico was recently arrested for stalking a woman. Do you think he’s guilty?

The 2007 case ended with Alcon breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house. Police showed up, and found him passed out at her home with the security alarm system going off. After he left her home, he came back later to place notes and flowers on her truck, in addition to driving past her home and leaving harassing messages.

Details are scarce about the current case, but if it is anything even close to his 2007 case, there will be harsher punishments for his crimes and creepy behavior. This situation could be another significant blow for the Democrats, for which they have seen many over the past year.