BREAKING: Democrat Spy Scandal Takes Horrifying New Turn

The House Democrat IT workers, Imran Awan and family, keep digging themselves into a deeper legal hole, and they do so with the help of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The FBI investigation into the Awans is now looking into whether they accessed classified data, sold it to foreign governments, and even if they used it to blackmail the members of Congress, according to The New York Post.

While the data that the Awans had access to was largely unclassified, members of Congress who have lawful access to classified information discuss and send such information to one another.

Investigators already believed some information was taken out of the congressional server and put on an outside server. Now there are suggestions that the Awans may have taken that information and sent it to their native Pakistan, or even Russia. Whoever potentially received the information may have then used it to blackmail our elected officials.

“Logic dictates that sensitive data was compromised,” a senior official who spoke with The New York Post said. “An accused criminal with close ties to Pakistan had full and complete control over data that went out over the network.”

The same official believes that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who failed to fire Imran Awan even when he was under investigation, is the key to the case. The official also speculated that further charges and arrests will be made.

A conservative group called The Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust (FACT) has called for an investigation into Wasserman Schultz herself, according to Politico. The organization attests that when Wasserman Schultz paid Awan for six months after he was barred from the House IT Network, she was breaking the rules.

He could not have been performing his normal duties, and his salary is taken from taxpayer dollars. FACT Executive Director, Matthew Whitaker, said, “Members are directly responsible for ensuring their staff is only paid for official public work, work that has actually [been] performed and at a rate commensurate with the work performed.”

As Christian News Alerts previously reported, fellow IT workers have suggested to reporters that they offered a rate far under what the Awan family charged for the same work but were turned down. This may be an ethical violation as well as an indication that the members of Congress may have been blackmailed.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz appears to be desperate because she is using the line radical leftists often use when they realize they’ve lost an argument. Recently, Schultz told a local paper that the scrutiny of her aides is the result of “racial and ethnic profiling.”

Awan’s lawyer has been reduced to the same stance, arguing his client was targeted for “working while Muslim.” Both of these excuses ignore the red flags surrounding the case, which have nothing to do with the man’s race, nationality, or religion.

The movement of information off the House server and to another unsecured server is potentially a very serious crime. Calls of racism will not dissuade investigators, or FACT, from pursuing the truth in this case.

And, while many members of the Awan family have fled to Pakistan, Imran Awan has been stopped from doing so, and he and Debbie Wasserman Schultz will have to answer for the potential danger to which they have exposed the country.