WATCH: Lifelong Dem Says “Enough”, Sends Powerful Message To Anti-Trump Liberals

Many believe that part of the reason for President Trump’s general election win was because Democrats switched sides to vote for Trump.

An article by Dana Milbank in The Washington Post claims that such Democrats are mythical creatures like unicorns. In an interview on Fox News, a lifelong Democrat from Ohio claims there are many others like him who are frustrated with the Democrats and who voted for Trump.

Geno DiFabio is an Ohio forklift driver who believed the early promises of Democrats who claimed to have the best interests of the working men and women of America at heart. “I was always told the Democrats are for the working man,” DiFabio said.

Yet states like Ohio suffered an extreme economic fallout as Democrats turned on them. An article by Politico reveals how Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency worked to “bankrupt” coal power plants and cause utility rates to “skyrocket.” This sudden shift to “greener living” under the Obama administration saw Democrats abandoning the working class in pursuit of more ecologically and ideologically minded voters.

DiFabio bitterly describes the betrayal of coal miners by the Democrats: “Those people work for generations on their bellies and their back digging coal. And when it was politically expedient for the Democrats to throw them away, they vilified them.”

These individuals were left in the cold by Democrats and this is why many of them turned to Republicans and voted for Trump in the last election. With his plans to cut taxes and overturn regulations, he surprised many working class Democrats according to Difabio. “All of a sudden the Republicans are the party for the working man,” he said.

Democrats seem adamant they weren’t in the wrong and their abandoning of voters like DiFabio had nothing to do with Trump’s win. According to the article by Milbank, as reported by the Salk Lake Tribune, certain polls revealed it wasn’t Democrats switching to Trump, it was Republicans coming back from Obama.

Milbank claims to have interviewed Michael Podhorzer, the political director of the AFL-CIO, a collection of unions in the U.S., and he agreed with this belief after studying the findings of the Cooperative Congressional Election Study.

According to Podhorzer “Democrat analysts who are looking to solve the party’s problem by appealing to this small group of Obama-Trump voters are pointing themselves to a group that by and large is a Republican group now. The bulk of Obama-Trump voters are not fed-up Democrat voters, they are Republican voters who chose Obama in 2012.”

Milbank believes that Democrats shouldn’t bother appealing to the working class by changing their stance on such issues as small government, low taxes, health care, or immigration. He believes the reason Clinton lost the election is because Democrats, weren’t “Democrat” enough.

Hillary Clinton herself voiced this belief during an interview reported by People “I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost.” She went on to blame the Russians, fake news, and even Democrats and the media for stating she was a sure-fire winner.

What Clinton, Democrats, and Milbank fail to realize is that Clinton lost because Democrats continue to betray their own when they perceive it’s politically beneficial to do so. The current champions of undocumented immigrants, low-income earners, LGBTQ members, and other minorities and causes only appeal to those groups that provide funding, not votes.

Similar to the abandonment of working class citizens, it won’t be long before Democrats betray those individuals for new niches. At that point, more voters like DiFabio will start to vote for Republicans who truly have their interests at heart.