WATCH: Famous Dem Lawyer Pours Cold Water On Maxine Waters’ “Russia” Narrative

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), a Progressive, is well-known for being a race baiter. It is getting to the point where her own party is calling Waters out on her hypocrisy.

Harvard law professor and liberal, Alan Dershowitz, had a clear message to send to Waters after she called him a racist. According to Fox News, Dershowitz boldly stated: “Being black doesn’t give you a license to call people racist any more than being Jewish gives you a license to call people anti-Semitic.” He continued, “Race and ethnicity are part of everyone’s life experience and Maxine Waters more than anyone ought to know that.”

It seems that despite both of these folks being Democrats, Waters was not afraid to go after one of her own. It all started last week when a change-up occurred with the seating of a grand jury in Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump. They were originally supposed to stay in Virginia; news broke they were now going to seat the Grand Jury in the District of Columbia.

Dershowitz commented on the change and said; “[Washington] has an ethnic and racial composition that would be somewhat less favorable to Donald Trump.” Of course, Waters said that his statement was “absolutely racist.”

As you can imagine, she didn’t give much of an explanation beyond calling it racist. The only other thing she had to add was that she was not going to stand for it.

Dershowitz explained his point with blinding accuracy on Fox News. He explained that Waters should be ashamed of herself for calling him a racist for absolutely no reason. Any experienced lawyer understands that the venue where a trial is being held can depend on the ethnicity, race, and political affiliation.

You can imagine why this is important. As a lawyer, you always want to know the history of the venue, and who is going to be present at the time of the trial. If you do not have this information, it could damage a lawyer’s chances in the case, and that could lead to some serious, irreversible consequences.

As mentioned earlier, the lawyer said that race and ethnicity are part of everyone’s life experience. You would think that Waters, of all people, would recognize race matters.

It is better to know what you are up against than to go in blind. Apparently, Waters believes that by observing these important factors every single prosecutor and defense attorney in the country has to be considered racist.

Democrats are trying to put a stranglehold on all language — including legal speech. It is unacceptable that lawyers wouldn’t be permitted to talk about the current situation regarding the investigation into President Trump and Russia–which to date has resulted in zero evidence–because, somehow, by merely mentioning that race plays a factor in where the Grand Jury is seated. In this situation, racial hate is flying.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), continuously uses the “race card” to attack those who disagree with her politics and her ideological way of thinking. Do you believe her constant race-baiting serves her constituents?

There are people in our country being called out for being racist that have never had a racist thought in their lives. The word “racist,” just like “bigot” and “Nazi”, have lost their meaning because the Left uses those three insults to describe someone they don’t like.  Now we’re at a point where they are saying this kind of stuff about lifelong Democrats. How low will they go? Who is left safe from their slowly weakening, but still venomous insults?