WATCH: Democrat Governor Stuns Audience With Trump Truth Bomb

Support for Trump is growing as evidence of his first six month’s success is starting to show in our economy.

The efforts of President Trump have inspired a number of Democrats in West Virginia, including Governor Jim Justice. In a surprising move reported by Breitbart, the Democrat governor announced at a Trump rally in West Virginia that he’s going to switch sides and become a Republican to better help his constituents.

West Virginia is struggling from the burden of Obama’s presidency according to The Daily Signal. With President Obama’s clean energy bills and efforts to shut down a large number of coal areas, West Virginians are struggling to find jobs and the economy suffered.

State Senate President Bill Cole (R-WV), told of how Obama’s Clean Power Plan in particular has left many areas devastated “We’ve closed down power plant after power plant and destroyed our own market for coal. When you get into those southern coal communities, when coal goes away, it’s devastation and poverty in the worst form.”

It comes as no surprise that West Virginians were quick to embrace Trump’s run for the presidency considering his promises to bring back jobs, cut back on regulations, and bring life to the coal industry.

During the Trump rally, Jim Justice criticized himself as a Democrat, and the party as a whole, saying “we hurt a lot of people. We hurt our vets and our teachers and our disabled and our weak and we walked away from the old.”

He then followed up with the shocking announcement that, “Today I’ll tell you as West Virginians, I can’t help you anymore being a Democrat governor. So tomorrow, I will be changing my registration to Republican.”

Justice bashed the Democrats for failing to focus on the real issues facing Americans and instead choosing to obsess over the Russian collusion allegations. “What in the world is wrong with us as people? Have we not heard enough about the Russians…think about it, the stock market’s at 22 thousand. And this county has hope. And we’re on our way,” Justice said.

Justice’s shock announcement further illustrates the struggle Democrats have had internally since Trump won the election. According to Business Insider, Progressive Democrats and the establishment have been at odds with each other since Hillary Clinton lost in 2016.

When WikiLeaks uncovered emails revealing the Democrat National Committee had rigged the primaries so Bernie Sanders would lose to Clinton, it sparked outrage among Progressives.

Cenk Uygur, co -founder of an Internet based Progressive commentary publication, said “There is no question, there is a civil war taking place inside the Democratic Party.”

Democrats have lost elected office on every level from local to national over the past eight years. Have their extreme Progressive policies damaged the Democrat Party?

Justice’s belief that the Democrats failed to provide for the people is shared by many others in West Virginia. The Washington Post tells of Jose Gonzalez, a steel plant manager and former Democrat who found himself switching sides for the election “The Democratic party used to look out for the downtrodden, but more and more working people are going for Republicans.”

The Democrat Party’s failure to help the average American has ruffled feathers and caused many to turn their backs on the party that turned its back on them. Governor Justice’s transfer to the Republican Party might pave the way for other politicians and voters to take a new side.