Democrat Governor Reveals How Trump Responded To His Calls For Help – Wow.

Hurricane Harvey has been one of the biggest tests of President Trump’s performance as commander-in-chief. During times of crisis, citizens look to their leaders for guidance and reassurance. Trump has been a controversial President–adored by his base while vehemently detested by his detractors. Nevertheless, Trump’s response to Harvey is now winning him praise from both sides of the aisle.

As reported by The Daily Caller, Louisiana’s Democrat Governor, John Bel Edwards, recently appeared on CNN and openly lauded President Trump for the federal help he has provided as Harvey moved from Texas into Louisiana. “First of all, let me tell you that the federal government has been excellent,” Edwards said. “The President has called twice, he signed the declaration we requested within a few hours of our making the request on Sunday.”

As the Washington Post reports, Harvey has moved into Louisiana. While the storm has weakened, residents are on alert. Governor John Bel Edwards (D), has told Louisianans that, “Somewhere between being complacent and being panicked is the right place.”

The Democrat governor has asked President Trump for federal assistance in dealing with the storm, which has been received. As covered by WGNO, 500 people were rescued in the southwest part of the state Monday night. Of those rescued, 269 are currently in shelters.

When asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo to discuss the needs of Louisiana, Governor Edwards immediately began making positive remarks about President Trump and his administration.

Edwards went on to praise the work of Elaine Duke, who has been serving as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security since former DHS head, General John Kelly was transitioned to White House Chief of Staff. “Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Duke has been wonderful and FEMA administrator Brock has been great as well,” Edwards said.

President Trump has acted quickly to provide aid and assistance in the wake of one of the biggest natural disasters on American soil in recent years. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, 50 Texas counties are flooded and at least 30,000 people are currently in shelters.

Observers calculate that the impact of Harvey will be long-lasting. As seen in USA Today, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) expects citizens to be on government-assisted food and housing for years to come. FEMA chief Brock Long told the press, “This disaster is going to be a landmark event. We’re setting up and gearing up for the next couple of years.”

Trump is working with Congress to pass a multibillion-dollar relief package for the affected states. The President said, “I think it’ll happen very quickly. It’ll go very fast.” This would add to the $3 billion currently in FEMA’s disaster fund. FEMA is making Hurricane Harvey relief its top priority, diverting money and resources away from less urgent financial commitments.

Louisiana’s Democrat Governor told CNN that the federal government’s response to the hurricane has been excellent.” Do you think President Trump is doing a good job handling the disaster? 

At the moment, the biggest needs in devastated areas include debris removal and the maintenance of temporary shelters for the immense displaced population. Many corporations have voluntarily contributed financial resources and supplies. Volunteer organizations, such as the Cajun Navy, and others, have also played a role in the relief efforts.

As noted by PBS, Trump personally traveled to Texas this week to supervise relief efforts. During his visit, he thanked those who participated in the relief efforts, and promised continued federal aid.

Hurricane Harvey has provoked many tragedies. It has also led to heroic scenes of Americans coming together to help their fellow men. It sometimes takes the worst to bring out the best in humanity.