JUST IN: Democrat Election Official Drops Voter Fraud Bombshell In Shock State

Voting is one of the core fundamental rights that nearly every legal age American-born citizen has. Voter fraud should be a rare occurrence, but as it turns out, it’s more frequent than most people realize.

Broward County is the second largest county in the important swing state of Florida. Dr. Brenda Snipes, a Democrat and the present election supervisor for that area, is currently fighting a federal lawsuit for refusing to clean up Florida’s messy and deceptive voter roll. The local news site, The Sun Sentinel, is trying to cover up a quote from Snipes where she explicitly stated, “Some of them are not eligible to vote, and they slip through.” 

The lawsuit is coming from the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), and they want to fight the corrupt system. Failure to do so could have major repercussions in the future if it is not properly sorted out. The ACRU claims that their audit shows that there are more voters on the roll than there are legal voters.

There is an almost 100 percent voter registration for the area, and that typically does not happen naturally. Something isn’t quite right in this situation.

According to The Daily Wire, by default, this means people who have passed away, been convicted of a felony, moved away, or just didn’t register to vote is in the system and able to cast a ballot–whether or not the person who is tied to the name knows it or not.

Every American should be concerned when a state openly claims that people “slip through” and vote illegally–a state where just 537 votes determined the president 17 years ago.

The worst thing about the matter is the manner in which the media tries to justify this situation. The Sun Sentinel article waited until the end to admit that Snipes knows that illegal voting is occurring. The premise of the article beyond that point seems to be designed to invent excuses.

First, the election office’s attorney publicly said Snipes is not admitting guilt. However, admitting that sometimes “they slip through,” seems to be about as close to an admission of guilt that any investigation team could hope to find.

Democrats consistently insist that there is no epidemic of voter fraud in the United States. But the facts point to the opposite. Do you believe there is voter fraud in the United States?

Next, the elections office claimed that there is such a high number due to the waiting times to remove people from the list. The office stated that they could only delete people from the list around the date after the general elections. It seems pretty far fetched that enough people moved out of Florida in less than two years to give the appearance of an almost 100 percent voter registration rate.

A full investigation is necessary to reveal what is going on behind the scenes in Boward County, Flordia, and to ensure the integrity of our Republic. We have high hopes that officials will take this inquiry seriously and determine the action that should be taken to keep future elections from being compromised.