BREAKING: Dem Demanding Trump’s Execution Just Got Horrible News

The Democrats are increasingly desperate, and as a result, many prominent leftists have taken to threatening President Trump. Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat, thought she could get away with it too.

In light of the Senator’s disgusting threat, Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson, has called for Sen. Chappelle-Nadal’s immediate resignation, in an official statement on his Facebook page.

There are some unacceptable lines to cross, and hoping for the assassination of the United States President is one of those lines. Lt. Governor Parson’s statement warned, “I will not sit idly by and allow this kind of behavior transpire in our state, especially from members of our government.”

He also mentioned that the behavior was unbecoming for any Missourian, and added that he was personally offended by Chappelle-Nadal’s death wish on Trump. As a veteran, he explained, he could not believe that the Commander-in-Chief’s life was being threatened.

Chappelle-Nadal originally made her threat in a Facebook post which read, “I hope Trump is assassinated!” She was completely aware of how seriously such a comment would be taken, or that she would be visited by the Secret Service.

Only after news broke of the Senator’s threat did she think to delete the post. As an excuse for the threat, she told some reporters she was “frustrated,” according to The Washington Times.  To local outlets, she said the post was “personal,” and failed to express any serious remorse or knowledge that her words were unacceptable.

Others have already suggested Chappelle-Nadal resign, to which she has said, “There is no way in hell that I’m resigning,” according to Fox News. But, no one who is quite as authoritative and well-respected as Mike Parson spoke up until now.

The growing condemnation of her actions could lead Chappelle-Nadal to reconsider her stubborn stance toward not resigning. This public rebuke of Chappelle-Nadal will undoubtedly hinder any re-election chances she might have had.

No matter how deeply Republicans and conservatives were frustrated with Barack Obama, no one called for his assassination, and any threat issued in the public would have been roundly condemned. But, liberals have been welcoming the celebrities who threaten Donald Trump’s life with open arms, including Madonna and Kathy Griffin.

When the liberals and Democrats accept such outrageous behavior from the Hollywood elite, they give tacit approval for Democrat officials to express the same sentiment. Even though Chappelle-Nadal has deleted her comment, she isn’t backpedaling as fast as one would expect.

In fact, Chappelle-Nadal said that although she is sorry, she is “not going to shy away from what caused that anger at all, I’m not going to shy away from that.” What that means is unclear. Many suppose that the Senator is simply refusing to control her emotions. Others believe her obstinance is politically motivated and an effort to align with the alt-Left.

Chappelle-Nadal may refuse to resign, but she can’t hold her office from prison, which is where the Secret Service has the power to send her should they believe her threat was sincere. Let this be a lesson to any leftist who thinks violence or a threat of violence toward the President is acceptable, called for, or without consequence.