JUST IN: Famous Dem Caught Scamming Hurricane Victims

The recent events of Hurricane Harvey have left a massive need for financial help for all of the people displaced, the property destroyed, and ultimately getting everything back to the way it was before the storm. Unfortunately, there is always someone out there looking to capitalize on a tragedy.

It was recently discovered that the infamous Democrat activist Linda Sarsour started a fund to help care for the people who were affected by the Hurricane. According to The Weekly Standard, it turns out that the fund is being used to solicit donations for the people involved with her movement. As soon as folks caught wind of this, it spread like a wild fire.

A tweet from Sarsour was released Tuesday morning, saying, “Donate to the #Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund,” followed by a link to her fund page. The imagery and verbiage indicate that it is, indeed, the correct page.

There are pictures of the flooded Houston Highways, and the phrase “Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund.” One would think that they are in the right place to donate in support of the large number of people facing troubles down in Texas.

The typical groups involved in this Hurricane Harvey relief effort include the Houston Food Bank, the Greater Houston Community Foundation, and many others. However, the donations on the page linked by Sarsour do not lead to any of these groups. Instead, donations go to the “Texas Organizing Project Education Fund.”

Oddly enough, the “Texas Organizing Project Education Fund” has nothing to do with helping those afflicted by the hurricane. Instead, it works towards, “advancing racial and economic justice through community and electoral organizing.”

In other words, it is all a scam. Deeper down the page, it becomes clear that these donations will be used for reasons beyond just Hurricane Harvey relief. On the official page, it almost sounds like an afterthought.

On their Facebook page, the group clarifies that the funds will help achieve the following goal: “Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.”

Essentially, this means that donors have no idea how much of the funds are going to go to Hurricane Harvey, and how much will go to promote the liberal agenda. The verbiage is so vague, Sarsour could use any amount of the donated funds towards whichever efforts she chooses.

Many conservatives came to call out this odd factor so people can see that this situation is not a typical disaster relief fund. If she wanted to donate to the Hurricane Fund, then her efforts are good. However, it seems more likely that she is working toward funding her own group and profiting from a disaster.

Seth Mandel called her out on Twitter, “This is really unbelievably gross. Even for Sarsour, this is just so far over the line.

At the time of this writing, the Texas Organizing Project has not responded to any comment on their use of the funds. Only time will tell if Sarsour can be held accountable for this disguised relief fund, and how she will use the funds from unsuspecting donors.