BREAKING: 119 Dead People voted 229 Times In This State – Trump Was RIGHT!

President Trump has been adamant that voter fraud exists and was a major problem in the 2016 election.

Despite the criticism and ridicule of the liberals whenever Trump mentions voter fraud, evidence continues to surface of the deceased casting votes in the recent and previous elections. This time the evidence comes from Illinois where it was discovered that deceased voters were found to have voted on multiple occasions. (via CBS)

Since the presidential elections last year, Trump has held strong to his belief that voter fraud is rampant in America. In November, following the results of the presidential election, he sent out the following tweet claiming, “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

In May, President Trump established a commission to determine the extent and severity of voter fraud in America. The move was criticized by many on the left who claimed Trump was paranoid, and Obama even suggested that voter fraud was impossible, despite Democrats’ current obsession with Russia “hacking” conspiracy theories. However, fraudulent votes cast in the election were recently discovered.

This time evidence of fraud surfaced in Chicago as investigators from CBS found instances of the deceased voting from the grave, and not just once. In fact, the investigation revealed 119 deceased individuals have voted 229 times in Chicago over the last decade.

Floyd Stevens, a voter who passed away in 1993, has voted 11 times since. His daughter, Sharon Stevens Anderson, was disgusted when she found out. “It’s crazy. I don’t see how people can be able to do something like that and get away with it,” she said. (via CBS)

A spokesman for the city election board, Jim Allen, tried to sweep it under the rug, saying, “This is not the bad old day. There are just a few instances here where a father came in for a son, or a neighbor was given the wrong ballot application and signed it.”

The spokesman claims that 60,000 deceased voters were taken off the rolls in the last decade, but the CBS investigators found many exceptions. Robert Sallee says he reported his mother’s death several times to the city when he found out she was continuing to vote after her death, but according to him, “They’re just not taking her off the rolls.”

The commission proposes that all voters should provide data in order for officials to ascertain their legitimacy to vote. Required information would be name, birth date, addresses, their party affiliations, current status in the military, and any history of felony convictions.

Opponents to the measure claim it will be used by Republicans to bully voters into casting ballots for them, or that the information could be used to track down and coerce members of the opposite party into voting for a Republican candidate.

Though clerical errors do happen and human error is a factor when voters cast their ballots, it is concerning that when voter fraud rears its ugly head in an election, no one on the left seems to take it seriously. For being so concerned about the Russian government attempting to influence the election, one would think Democrats would want measures to be put in place to stop voter fraud.