BREAKING: Dairy Queen’s New Sign Infuriates Liberals

It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you are on — there’s no doubt that you have enjoyed a tasty treat from Dairy Queen. In Kewaskum, Wisconsin, one privately owned Dairy Queen is making national news.

According to CBS 58, The local establishment features a controversial sign on the front door that reads, “This restaurant is politically incorrect.”  The sign then goes on to explain some of the “controversial” behavior that some of the staff have been known to take part in during day-to-day operations. They claim to do things like say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and even give out free sundaes to veterans on Veteran’s Day. 

The owner of the Dairy Queen, Kevin Scheunemann, explained the purpose of the sign. “I felt the sign was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about the views of the owner and staff supporting God and country,” he said.

Scheunemann’s explanation revolves around the idea that Liberals have made it a “sin” to love God or country. They have gone out of their way to demonize anyone who dares to have an opinion that differs from their own.

“It just seems that those kinds of values and principles are becoming controversial in society,” the owner confirmed. His actions are a breath of fresh air in the tense politically correct climate of the country.

The sign has been up for four years, and was initially posted after a customer complained when Christian music was played inside the Dairy Queen. Scheunemann stated that since posting the sign, he has not had any similar problems in the store.

Scheunemann has made it clear that he will sit down with anyone who has questions about the sign and explain what it means to them, his employees, and the customers who come to dine at his establishment.

Locals in the area support his decision to run his business however he wants. One local bar owner, named April Serwe, spoke about the Dairy Queen sign.

Serwe stated, “He posted it on the door, so you see it before you walk in.” She continued, “You don’t have to walk in if you don’t agree with it.”

The feeling seems to be mutual across the town. Many people there believe that God and country are important. These simple American values are being forced out in Liberal states — like California.

The official Dairy Queen Corporation sent a response to the local news outlet to let them know how the corporation feels about the sign. “American Dairy Queen Corporation does not encourage our independently owned and operated franchisees to post non-business related messages in their locations or on their external reader boards. This sign expresses the views of this independent owner only and does not speak for ADQ Corporation or any of our other independent franchise owners.”

Their response was clearly manufactured as not to offend anyone, though there is nothing inherently offensive about the initial sign. There is nothing wrong or offensive about loving your country, God, or giving veterans free ice cream on Veteran’s Day.