BOMBSHELL: DACA Recipients’ Horrifying Secret Revealed

Open border liberals are sending mixed messages about the impact of DACA. Pundits argue that DACA recipients are model American citizens–college educated, highly skilled, and model employees. At the same time, they claim illegal immigrants only hold the jobs that American citizens refuse to work.

The reality is that DACA recipients are an incredibly diverse group of over 800,000 illegal immigrants. Many DACA recipients are students, and about 17 percent of them are enrolled in a college program. However, about 400,000 illegal immigrants who could apply for DACA are ineligible because they lack a high school diploma or equivalent. Worse yet, a recent Breitbart review reveals that a staggering number of DACA recipients have committed crimes against American citizens.

Former President Obama passed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). He recognized publicly on multiple occasions that he lacked the authority to push DACA without the support of Congress. However, in 2012, Obama included DACA in a Department of Homeland Security memorandum, pushing it through without congressional support.

A president cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce, and as a result, DACA does not completely let illegal immigrants off the hook. Instead, the DACA program helps illegal immigrants avoid immigration authorities for two years. The program offers work permits, and allows illegal immigrants to attend American colleges.

DACA allowed as many as 1.3 million unvetted illegal immigrants to remain and work in America. Over 800,000 illegal immigrants have applied to the program.

DACA recipients–or DREAMers, as they are euphemistically branded–are consistently portrayed as model citizens striving for the American dream. However, a recent analysis by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency reveals that there is a major criminal element to these supposed DREAMers.

2,139 DACA recipients have had their temporary protections revoked because they posed a danger to American citizens. They are accused of a range of crimes, resulting in a “felony criminal conviction; a significant misdemeanor conviction; multiple misdemeanor convictions; gang affiliation; or arrest of any crime in which there is deemed to be a public safety concern.” These are not the model citizens open border liberals pretend they are.

The USCIS explains that the majority of criminal DACA recipients have been accused of, or convicted of: “Alien smuggling, assaultive offenses, domestic violence, drug offenses, DUI, larceny and thefts, criminal trespass and burglary, sexual offenses with minors, other sex offenses and weapons offenses.”

The end of DACA was a long time coming, and the unconstitutional Executive Order would have been rescinded by the Supreme Court if President Trump did not act. However, DACA is a bad policy, not just because it was enacted through an unconstitutional order, but because it grants special protections to illegal immigrants who could not have immigrated legally.

While there are compassionate elements to DACA, there are still many legitimate issues with the Executive Order masquerading as a law. Should the Legislative Branch do its job and legislate on the issue of DACA?

If DACA recipients are such a boon to the American economy, then these American-educated illegal immigrants should easily be able to obtain citizenship legally.

Of course, American citizenship is blocked to anyone living in the United States illegally. Since DACA recipients are model citizens, they should have no qualms respecting the law of the land, leaving the country, applying through the proper channels, and waiting their turn–like every other legal immigrant.