BREAKING: Ted Cruz Issues Powerful North Korea Demand, Media Stunned

The looming threat of North Korea has been on the minds of everyone in the country since their repeated missile tests over the summer. Since that time they have made multiple threats against the United States mainland and territory of Guam.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), is voicing his opinion on the issue. In a piece published in the Sunday New York Times, Cruz noted that “Americans could be forgiven for wondering why North Korea is not already designated as a sponsor of terrorism,” according to NewsMax.  Sen. Cruz went on to point out that North Korea was already on the list, but was removed back in 2008. He begs the question that many Americans are asking, “Why isn’t North Korea considered a sponsor of terrorism?”

Simply put, if a country is labeled as a nation-state sponsor of terrorism it implies that all manners of peace rely on that country–in particular–stopping any financing or support of terrorism.

“It is time to acknowledge that North Korea may never be interested in negotiating away its nuclear deterrent,” Cruz wrote in his piece for the  NY Times.  Based on the way they have acted when President Donald Trump tried to bring peace, it is easy to see Cruz’s point of view.

He continues, “Will we continue our diplomatic overtures to the Kim regime on the flawed assumption that it is interested in a future without nuclear weapons?” Indeed, based on the state-run media, and from the mouth of leader Kim Jong-un himself, the question is legitimate.

This news comes in light of reports that North Korea may possibly be working to produce biological weapons that it would use to push back enemy soldiers, or to cause chaos in densely populated cities, according to The New York Post. “North Korea is likely to use biological weapons before or at the beginning of a conflict to disrupt society and create panic, incapacitate societies, and/or cause a significant military diversion,” a report by Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School noted.

Cruz also went on to talk about how North Korea could leverage their nuclear threats to cause even more problems for the United States. He played out a possibility where North Korea managed to unify with South Korea

“We must seriously consider the possibility that the North’s current leader, Kim Jong-un, is preparing to use nuclear weapons to drive American forces out of South Korea,” in order to unify the two, Cruz wrote. There is no way of knowing whether South Korea would bend to the dictator, but it cannot be ruled out as an option.

Cruz stated that he believes that putting North Korea back on the list could be a good start towards keeping the United States on alert to Kim’s nefarious activities. He explained that this decision “strengthens our hand and weakens that of Kim Jong-un.”

The point seems to be that we need to keep a closer eye on North Korea. Above all else, we need to acknowledge them for what they are, sponsors of terrorism.

Sen. Cruz thinks North Korea should be labeled a sponsor of terrorism. Do you agree?

They are not interested in making peace, as the state-run media has explained time and time again. The only interest Kim has is bringing fear to the United States.

We cannot let them bring fear to our great nation. Cruz’s advice seems to hold a lot of water. It is unknown at the time how President Trump feels about the suggestion made by Cruz in the NY Times.