WATCH: Crowd Goes Wild After Trump Says 4 Words and Reaches for a Texan Flag

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey ravaging most of Texas, the people there could use some hope. They received their hope Tuesday when President Trump arrived and delivered a powerful message that touched everyone.

As the President came out and began to speak, he had to stop for a minute. The noise was deafening. Despite the tragedy these people had to face, the crowd was roaring in unity. According to Fox News, both President Trump and Melania arrived Tuesday in the city of Corpus Christi to meet with victims and first responders alike. Trump’s message was simple, “It happened in Texas, and Texas can handle anything.” 

President Trump acknowledged to the crowd that this was an epic tragedy that took the country by surprise. “We are going to get you back and operating immediately,” Trump promised, amid the cheers from the crowd.

Hundreds of Texans lined up to listen to Trump’s speech. They also sought to welcome the President to Texas, even if the conditions are far from hospitable.

At the end of the speech, Trump received a booming applause when he pulled out a Texas flag and held it up for everyone. It seemed like American pride emanated from the audience as he spoke.

This is what America is about. It is about coming together in hard times and joining as one to get through even the most disastrous times.

There has been a great deal of support from the President since the events of Hurricane Harvey initially unfolded. In fact, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), said that the President “gets an A+” regarding his responsiveness to this crisis.

As soon as news of the hurricane’s impending landfall came to be, Trump did everything in his power to free up federal resources to help take care of the people that are going through nothing short of a trying situation.

Beyond that, Housing & Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, and the Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price joined the President. Their goals, amongst other things, was to assess the situation and see what action needs to be taken to move forward after this horrific disaster.

The briefing occurred at the Annaville Fire Department, according to Breitbart. Leading up to the event, the sounds of chants such as “U-S-A!,” and “We Love Trump,” could be heard throughout the area.

As Texans looked on with flags of their own in the crowd, one can’t help but feel a connection to them. This kind of togetherness is what holds the country together. President Trump has shown that he is willing and able to bring Americans together–united as one–by any means necessary.

President Trump has also been active on his Twitter page, sharing updates from Gov. Abbott, as well as information on the situation as a whole in Texas. There is a long road ahead for recovery, but with a public servant like President Trump, and God on our side, Americans will rebuild. Everyone must continue praying for the lives of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.