WATCH: Texas Cowboy Records Powerful Video Message To Anti-God Liberals

Leftist ideology aligns itself with atheism and has taken a hard anti-Christian stance. American liberals notoriously strive to reduce the role of Christianity in public life, while simultaneously advocating the public promotion of Islam.

One Texas cowboy refutes the liberal talking point that science “disproves” the existence of God. In a video posted to Facebook, the Political Cowboy argues that a scientific understanding of how the world works only serves to STRENGTHEN belief in God.

Chad Prather is a popular conservative comedian and Internet personality. According to his website, Prather does a cross-country comedy tour in which he tackles the absurdities of the political Left.

In his video, Prather unravels the notion that God’s existence if “disproven” by scientific explanations of natural phenomena. For Prather, this argument–commonly used by atheists–is filled with logical flaws and fallacies.

Prather says his remarks are in response to a message in which the sender claimed that truly intelligent people do not believe in the existence of God. If science has explained everything once considered mysterious, then there’s no need for a belief in God.

Prather states, “Science may explain HOW things work, but it doesn’t prove that there isn’t a who behind the how.” He goes on to explain the difference between “how” and “who” by using an analogy about an Apple computer.

“If I could fully explain how an Apple computer works, it would not mean that Steve Jobs never existed. Instead, it proves that Steve Jobs was a really smart dude. Now the fact that science shows us that the universe … is finely tuned for life points, at least for me, to a God who made it that way.”

Prather borrows an argument by C.S. Lewis which asserts we would not even be able to trust our rational thought or science if our minds were nothing more than the random collection of atoms atheists claim it to be.

For Prather, the fact that we have the capacity for rational thought, as well as the ability to distinguish between good and evil, is evidence of a Creator who made us that way. This counters the arguments of atheists, who claim the presence of evil in the world disproves God’s existence. If we’re nothing more than the result of amoral natural selection, how can we even say what is good and what is evil?

Leading scientists are beginning to part ways with the fanatical atheism which has for so long entrenched itself in the scientific community. According to Innovation & Tech Today, American physicist Michio Kaku has come to the conclusion that God’s existence is “non-falsifiable.” Science cannot disprove that God exists.

Faith in God is an integral part of human nature and essential to a healthy society. The Left can only weaken faith through political compulsion. This can be seen in areas like the former Soviet Union. As reported by CNN, Christianity has seen a massive resurgence in Russia following the elimination of Soviet restrictions on religion.

Although the Left attacks faith in the form of Christianity, it openly promotes Islam. The Washington Times reports how the Federal government has used educational curriculum to indoctrinate American students with Islamic beliefs. For the Left, the real goal is to eliminate Christianity, and thereby weaken the moral foundations of American culture.

For the Left, government needs to be the Alpha and Omega.