WATCH: Cowboy Issues Perfect Response To Liberals Protesting Hobby Lobby

The nation is locked in a tense debate over symbols of our supposedly racist past. While lawmakers and city counselors vote whether or not to remove statues depicting Confederate soldiers, or even founding fathers, one Facebook user is hoping to bring the debate closer to home.

A Facebook post by Texas woman Daniell Rider accusing Hobby Lobby of racism has kindled a new debate over the political correctness of home decor, yet the Political Cowboy thinks this entire debate can only take place from a position of privileged. “This is America, where you have the freedom to go shopping in a store loaded with crap you ultimately do not need. And yet, you chose to get offended by a decorative vase.” The Political Cowboy said in a message to the shopper.  “I mean, it is not something that you can eat, it doesn’t warm you, you can’t shelter yourself with it, it is not a basic need. You are PRIVILEGED enough to get offended by a decoration. Yes, you are privileged.”

Daniell Rider attracted controversy after posting a picture on Facebook accusing arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby of racism for selling raw cotton decor. “This decor is WRONG on SO many levels.” Rider wrote in her Facebook post. “There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves. A little sensitivity goes a long way. PLEASE REMOVE THIS ‘decor’.”

The post garnered widespread attention and has been shared over 20,000 times receiving more than 250,000 comments. While most of the response has been critical, some users express support for Rider’s protest and plan on boycotting Hobby Lobby.

According to Rider, raw cotton is a symbol that represents the dark history of African-American slavery. Before the Civil War, cotton plantations utilized slave labor and were known for their grueling work conditions and abusive overseers. However, in the over 150 years since the close of the American Civil War cotton has been picked by willing employees and has become a staple of our modern industrial society.

“Lady, you aren’t oppressed, you’re blessed,” suggests the Political Cowboy. “You weren’t looking for a roof to cover your families head. You were looking for picture frames, and art supplies, and fake floral arrangements to put on your dining room table.”

The activist Left is starting to invent things to get upset about simply to maintain relevance. Do you believe the Hobby Lobby protest over cotton is contrived?

Additionally, the Political Cowboy accuses Rider of hypocrisy for only expressing outrage over home decor, and not the myriad of other products made out of cotton. Raw stalks of cotton are oppressive, yet denim jeans and cotton bed sheets are perfectly acceptable. Apparently, cotton products are only a symbol of oppression when they are entirely frivolous.

“Listen, baby.” The Political Cowboy continues. “If it’s been cut, raked, mowed, weeded, picked, harvested, shucked, gathered, plucked, snapped, gleaned, or cropped than it’s racist. So stop eating dammit. You go to church? You sing Amazing Grace? You need to stop doing that too. Cause that song was written by a converted slave trader. Home Depot sells rope, I mean, holy sh..”