WATCH – Texas Cowboy Has ENOUGH, Humiliates Nancy Pelosi On National TV

The issue of border security was a major campaign focus for President Trump. He promised his voters that he would build a wall to help secure the border and defend border states from drug cartels and illegal immigration.

CNN made a big mistake when they had Dr. Mike Vickers come up and ask Nancy Pelosi a question concerning border security in a town hall meeting. The rancher and veterinarian, who lives right along the US-Mexico border in Texas, proceeded to humiliate Nancy Pelosi on the reality of illegal immigration and the state of the border.

He lives in Brooks County on a 1,000 acre property where his closest neighbor is a border post 4.5 miles away. He enlightened the Democrat minority leader to the grim reality of the border situation.

He says: “Imagine this situation. You go to the grocery store, you come home, you live out on a ranch, you pull up into your — out in front of the house, and in the yard your dogs are playing with something that looks like a ball. But upon further investigation, you find out it’s actually a human head, a skull, with still brain matter in it. A woman’s skull. We found her body 150 yards from our backdoor a short time later the next day. She had a broken ankle. We found hundreds of bodies in Brooks County over the past decade, 56 the last count, last year, and it may be over 60. A few years ago, there was 129. Most of these are within 15 or 20 minutes of my front door.” (via CNN)

The doctor continues, “On that subject, one of the most disturbing events for my wife was to find a rape tree within 300 yards of our front door. Border Patrol and our citizens are at risk whenever they encounter these smugglers. I’ve had Border Patrolmen assaulted on my ranch. And these guys are our heroes. They really are. My wife has had encounters with gang members at the back door. And she’s had encounters with gang members at the front door.”

Dr. Vickers paints a grim picture of the border situation, bringing up the countless young children that have been abandoned and left behind to die.

He then asks if she is willing to support President Trump in building the border wall and giving more manpower to the Border Patrol.

Her answer? You can guess for yourself. The usual talking points disputing the effectiveness of a physical wall in today’s era (yet Israel’s wall has been remarkably effective,) as well as encouraging the audience to not get overly influenced by what are “isolated” situations along the border.

Pelosi should be reminded that the National Border Patrol Council endorsed Trump for president last election cycle, something that has never happened in the history of politics, so it seems that the good doctor’s situation isn’t as specific to his area as Nancy would like to think.

These criminal groups are a persistent threat to Americans as well as to the hopeful legal immigrants whom they ensnare in their human trafficking endeavors. As long as the border to Mexico isn’t properly secured, the cartels will continue to draw their lifeblood from drug trafficking and illegal immigration, jeopardizing the lives of countless innocent people.