ALERT: Foreign Country Urges Violent Trump Overthrow, They Went Too Far

President Trump delivered a stern warning to North Korea on Tuesday, and North Korea didn’t respond kindly.

According to Fox News, North Korea gave the US directions on how to avoid becoming the victims of “nuclear disaster.” A regime-owned newspaper stated, “The US must oust the lunatic old man from power and withdraw the hostile policy towards [North Korea] at once in order to get rid of the abyss of doom.”

According to Reuters, President Trump didn’t mince words in his speech in Seoul, South Korea. He gave North Korea the firm warning, “The weapons that you are acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger. Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face.”

He said the US refuses to cower in fear and will not allow South Korea to be victimized again by their neighbor. “We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction. We will not be intimidated. And we will not let the worst atrocities in history be repeated here, on this ground we fought and died to secure.”

Surprising some of his critics, President Trump did offer a diplomatic resolution to the issue saying that North Korea had a “path to a much better future” if it promised to cancel its intercontinental ballistic missile development and a “complete, verifiable and total denuclearization.”

But the peaceful resolution people were hoping for doesn’t seem likely following North Korea’s call for US citizens to overthrow their own president or face a nuclear war. The Korean Central News Agency issued the chilling warning that if President Trump isn’t removed from office, “The US had better make a decisive choice…if it does not want a horrible nuclear disaster and tragic doom.”

According to The Daily Caller, North Korea also claimed the US was threatening them with aircraft conducting practice runs in the area saying they would respond in kind. “The United States is threatening us with nuclear aircraft carriers and strategic bombers. They are challenging us with the most vicious and demeaning provocations but we will counter those threats by bolstering the power of justice in order to take out the root cause of aggression and war.”

North Korean officials also seemed to state that they were dismissing any warnings or calls for a peaceful resolution from President Trump saying, “We don’t care about what that mad dog may utter because we’ve already heard enough.”

It’s not that surprising that North Korea would refuse to come to terms with President Trump given their long-standing stubbornness and hostility towards the president. Their call for US citizens to revolt against the president or face nuclear war is yet another effort to create chaos and uncertainty in the US.

Hopefully, opponents of President Trump won’t see this as yet another justification to fight for his impeachment.

North Korea wants President Trump to ousted by Americans. Is this a direct threat against the president?

It speaks volumes that North Korea wants President Trump removed from office, and it may have to do with his refusal to be intimidated, bolstering our military presence in the area and cutting off North Korea economically from the rest of the world.

North Korea is struggling to maintain power and give weight to its intimidation tactics thanks to President Trump. Though they remain obstinate for now, perhaps this rogue regime will soon see the futility of continuing to threaten a more powerful country with many powerful allies.