WATCH: Country Singer’s New Song “My Dog Might Be a Democrat” is Going VIRAL

Democrat ideas can probably be summed up in two words: “free” everything.

To that end, one country singer happened to notice a few similarities between Democrats and his dog. He was so struck by the similarities that he wrote a song called, “My Dog Might Be A Democrat”.

Bryan Lewis, a young country singer, released his song poking fun at Democrats, and dogs, and Americans loved it so much the song has gone viral. Lewis begins the song with:

“Well, I think my dog’s a Democrat
And it breaks my heart to have to say an ugly thing like that.
But there’s a big old pile of evidence that all points toward the fact
That my dog might be a Democrat.”

Those utopian Democrat ideals of “free” healthcare, “free” housing, “free” college, and so on, are in reality more socialist in nature, and they make their appearance in the song. Lewis sings:

“I pay for all his healthcare and I buy everything he eats
I provide him with a place to live just to keep him off the streets.”

In a hilarious addition to the song, Lewis tells of his dog chewing up the Constitution he keeps on display, messing on the floor and blaming it on George W. Bush, as well as his dog not being documented, but probably still being able to vote in another town.

At one point in the music video the camera pans to the dog house and reveals a computer and server with a warning sign that the material is classified, mocking Hillary Clinton’s email scandal of 2016. Lewis ends the song suggesting that the dog may be Hillary Clinton’s child, but is more than likely a “spread the wealth, government health, flea bitten Democrat.”

While the song’s purpose is to point out the flawed thinking of the more socialist Democrats and their similarities with housepets, it does have some truth to it.

Bernie Sanders campaigned on a free education, free healthcare platform in 2016, and Hillary Clinton’s adherence to the Constitution is about the same as the dog in the song — she just chews it up. Maybe that’s why the song is so popular among conservatives.

It’s good to know that there’s still a place in country music for conservative artists and fans, seeing as the entertainment industry as a whole has lurched far to the left.

In fact, country stars like the Dixie Chicks — who infamously bashed George W. Bush — took a real ribbing from country fans and ended up virtually disappearing for years. Band member Natalie Maines said, “Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

It is only until just recently that the Dixie Chicks have started to make a comeback, possibly due to the political climate favoring their outspoken liberalism. But they would do well to understand that conservatives didn’t go anywhere, and it’s not likely we’ll be purchasing their music anytime soon.

Instead, we’ll support country artists like Bryan Lewis who still love America and aren’t afraid to speak the truth.