ALERT: Country Music Star Cancels Concert, His Reason Why Has Trump Fans Cheering

The battle for Second Amendment rights continues to rage on, and as the right to bear arms continues to be infringed upon by those who would rather have citizens be unarmed and helpless, some high-profile artists are making a stand.

Country artist Jamey Johnson’s concert at House of Blues was canceled by staff. The reason? He took a stand for the Second Amendment and refused to disarm himself. And for that, event staff refused to let him perform and was he not allowed to enter the building. (via Breitbart)

On Sunday, House of Blues issued statement on Facebook where they stated that due to Johnson’s refusal to disarm himself, he violated safety guidelines and was a potential threat to his audience. Of course, this makes no sense.

Why would an artist be a potential threat to his adoring fans? Even more, in all the locations he has toured in, he has remained armed and no violence, shootings, or other such incidents happened. So why did House of Blues believe he was a potential threat?

Tony TC Coleman, a member of Johnson’s band, responded by saying, “House of Blues management ‘Live Nation’ was wrong for how they treated the situation. Jamey was ready to give an amazing performance as he has done every night since the year and three months I’ve been in his band. I stand with him on this. House of Blues didn’t need to treat us like we were terrorists… We did not come to House of Blues to be treated like we are going to kill the fans. If someone came backstage to harm anybody you better pray there is a Jamey Johnson type individual around.” (via Breitbart)

Many fans expressed outrage and support for Jamey Johnson, and even more importantly, have vowed not to visit House of Blues anymore. There has been a growing trend among businesses of alienating their conservative consumers, much to their regret.

Most notably, Kellogg’s denounced Breitbart and discontinued advertising due to their political stance. As such, Breitbart led a boycott that became the top trending topic on Twitter at that time. Kellogg’s later announced plummeting stocks and massive layoffs.

Regardless of the commercial implications for businesses, what’s most important is that Johnson took a stand for his rights, foregoing the money he would have received for his performance, to make a statement about the rights all of us have as Americans to protect ourselves.

Johnson chose not to perform at the House of Blues because they wouldn’t let him carry. Do you support him?

Johnson took a stand for himself and for all Americans when he refused to disarm himself. Johnson understands that he is his first line of defense and chooses to protect himself accordingly.

The real question is: Would you have done the same thing? Are your rights so important that you would stand for them in spite of the financial and social consequences that may result? The founders of our country believed that an active, educated citizenry was the best defense against encroachments on liberty.

Jamey Johnson has definitely taken this message to heart. His resolve should encourage all of us who take our Constitution seriously.