BREAKING: Ann Coulter Drops Epic Truth Bomb On Mitt Romney

Ann Coulter has proven time and time again that she is not afraid of the Democrats or their threats.  Now she has shown she isn’t intimidated by the establishment Right as well. She recently saw a tweet that Mitt Romney released, and immediately shut him down.

It started when Mitt Romney stated that Antifa and white supremacists are in “morally different universes” because Antifa “opposes racism and bigotry.” Coulter fired back in three tweets. She started by saying that, “The side that ‘opposes racism & bigotry’ shut down speeches by me, Heather MacDonald, @charlesmurray, Milo, violently with masks & weapons.”

Her point is simple–there is more to the situation than “racism and bigotry.” The big picture should be considered. There is enough video evidence of Antifa’s actions to display that they are censoring people’s speech — which is a constitutional issue.

Coulter went on to prove her point further. She stated, “The side that merely ‘opposes racism & bigotry’ also led directly to the murder of 10 cops last year in Dallas, Baton Rouge, an d NYC.”

Coulter points out that while the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville was tragic, Antifa also has blood on their hands–the blood of police officers who swore to protect and serve the people.

This all stems from the former Massachusetts governor, Romney, not only defending Antifa, but doing so in such a way that he made them sound like heroes–despite Antifa’s declaration to be an Anarcho-Communist group that doesn’t care about the Left or the Right.

These people are trying to shake up the system and corrupt the already morally ravaged Republic. President Trump has tried to motivate people to counteract this, but there are too many corrupt figures in the swamp to get rid of.

In Coulter’s final tweet, she put it all on the line. “The side that merely ‘opposes racism & bigotry’ violently attacked nice GOP rally attendees, wives & kids in Chicago, San Jose, DC, etc.”

She is only speaking the truth that can be seen in numerous videos. By now, everyone should have seen the videos of Antifa thugs with masks over their faces, baseball bats or bike locks in hand, looking to do some serious damage. And there’s video footage of the damage they have inflicted on people and property alike.

Coulter has mentioned previously that she opposes these groups, so it is no surprise that she confronted Romney’s invalid points. There is no defending Antifa, just like there is no defending white supremacists.

Besides Coulter, there were plenty of others showing their rage at Romney’s comments.  Rep. Steven Smith (R-GA) also responded with a tweet of his own. “Moral? What in the hell is wrong with you?” Smith asked.

He also included a picture showing Antifa beating unarmed people and burning property. These irrefutable acts should be morally atrocious to anyone.

Dave Reed on Twitter also closed off on a perfect point. “Where have you been, Mitt? Hiding under a rock? Haven’t you seen the violence & intimidation & intolerance perpetrated by the Antifa Nazis?”

One must wonder when people will finally realize that Antifa is a serious threat to the nation and the freedoms that Americans hold dear. At some point, this has to become evident and Antifa must be disavowed by all.