Cop Who Buried 8th Co-Worker Sends Letter to Antifa That Every American Should Read

One of the most tragic things we have to face as a society is the death of a police officer while on duty. Sadly, it happens more than you might like to think, and one cop had enough — and knew who to blame.

The cop submitted his piece to a blog for law enforcement based in California called “Those Who Serve.” The letter is bound to touch the hearts of many on a deep level. The officer speaks of how he had to bury another one of his co-workers, one of the 150 police officers who die every year on duty, and he is tired of it. He places the blame on groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

The co-worker that the officer recently buried was not the first. There have been eight people that he worked with who were murdered.

He tells the tale of an officer he knew for 22 years. He went to the academy with this police officer. This cop was a father and grandfather who was just doing his job, but was gunned down by a thug.

As the anonymous officer points out, there have been 86 police officer deaths so far this year. However, this only includes those who were murdered while on the job.

“This job is a destroyer,” the officer states. “It directly takes the lives of an average of 150 people every year, and those are just the people who die on the job. That does not account for those who leave the job because they are broken, either physically or mentally. That also does not include the 300 cops who take their own lives every single year.”

It is clear that there is a massive problem with police being disrespected in our society. Not just by dangerous groups, but by everyday individuals. The hate groups are no doubt spreading the hate more than the individuals.

The deputy points out, “We are called racists, no matter what race we are. We are called pigs, because we dare enforce laws enacted by the very people elected by those calling us pigs.”

“There are organizations dedicated specifically to hating us.” He is referring to movements like Black Lives Matters who chant things like “Pigs in a blanket. Fry like bacon.”

These movements believe that cops, regardless of their color, are racists enforcing some elusive white agenda. This is leading people to take violent actions against cops for no reason.

The fact of the matter is, this cop has valid points. He reasons that many police officers die every single year, and the media brushes it off, the hate groups lap it up, there is no way to reason with them or convince them that what they believe is a lie.

Police officers go out selflessly every single day to defend our rights and keep us safe from harm. Instead of being praised for their actions they are being talked down to and harassed by people who don’t understand what they have to go through every day. It is both disrespectful and shameful.