BREAKING: Country Star Reveals 1 Cop’s Epic Move During Vegas Shooting

While the Las Vegas shooting showed the worst of humanity, it also showed remarkable examples of bravery and unity.

According to the Independent Journal Review, country music star John Rich revealed a particularly memorable moment when the shooting broke out while he was at a bar. An off-duty cop who was unarmed asked for Rich’s gun and used it to keep bar patrons safe.

When the gunman started firing on concertgoers at the country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, the surrounding areas were a scene of confusion and chaos. During an interview with Fox News,  John Rich told reporters he was in the Redneck Riviera bar when the gunman opened fire.

He tells about what happened almost immediately, “I had an off-duty police officer, it was a Minneapolis police officer, off-duty, was in my bar hanging out. He came up to me and showed me his badge, and he says…. ‘I’m [a police] officer and I’m not armed for the first time ever. I can’t believe it. Are you armed?”

Thankfully Rich practices his Second Amendment rights and was armed. “I said yes, I am armed. I had my concealed carry. He asked, ‘Can I have your firearm so I can hold point on this door?’” Rich explained.

Without question, Rich turned over his gun to the officer. “So I handed over my firearm to him, everybody got behind him and for two hours he held point on that door without flinching.”

This story provides a welcome reminder of two important conservative values and how important it is for Americans to keep fighting for those values. First is the right to bear arms. Thankfully, the off-duty officer wasn’t required to discharge the firearm he borrowed from Rich, but it’s a good thing he had access to a weapon in case he needed to.

At that time, those in the bar were completely unaware of what was happening; for all they knew it could’ve been multiple terrorists hunting down people to kill. It’s unimaginable to think what would have happened if a gunman stormed into the bar intent on causing harm and Rich didn’t have a gun to loan the officer.

Rich carrying a weapon legally and safely provided an additional level of security for every person in the bar that night and provided the officer an important tool that could’ve been utilized in an attack.

The second value is the respect and trust shown to the police officer. One need only look at the anti-cop protests by Black Lives Matter or Antifa attacking officers during demonstrations to see that the Left breeds an inherent distrust of the police. Assuming a liberal had a firearm in their possession in the first place, would they have provided a weapon to an officer of the law?

Borrowing a concealed carry weapon allowed off-duty cop to stand guard over bar during massacre. Do you support concealed carry?

Conservatives understand there is a certain level of trust and respect that must be given to all police officers. These men and women who don the blue uniform do so in order to protect and serve the American people. Even though that officer was off-duty and likely having a good time in a Las Vegas bar, his desire to protect and serve compelled him to find a means of arming himself to protect the other patrons that night — even if it put himself at risk.

Thankfully, no one in the bar was harmed that night during a time when many people lost their lives. Rich’s story helps remind us of the importance the Second Amendment has in American lives and how important individual safety is at a time when many are seeking to exploit people’s emotions to hinder and restrict that right. It also shows us the respect and trust officers of the law deserve when they place their lives on the line for the public.

Let’s hang on to those essential conservative values as the nation seeks to understand and find comfort after this terrible tragedy.