How 1 Conservative Stood Up to Political Correctness….And Won

Progressives beware: the tides are turning.

Canadian psychologist Jordan B. Peterson risked everything when he took to YouTube last November, exasperated by the Canadian government’s push to enshrine transgender ideology into law. Since releasing his first low-quality video, Peterson has erupted as a superstar for the burgeoning young conservative movement. Peterson, however, is not sitting on the laurels of his new-found fame. Instead, he is using his success to fight back against the politically correct forces that tried desperately to destroy him.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power in November¬†2015, and with him came Canada’s first gender-balanced cabinet. When asked why having an equal number of men and women at the highest level of government was important, the fresh-faced prime minister could only reply with, “Because it’s 2015.”

In the almost two years since taking office, the Liberal government of Canada has remained obtuse about their goals. It appears they are pushing progressive policies for the sake of progress. Trudeau could not answer then why gender parity was more important than merit-based appointments, and he has yet to provide a meaningful answer.

Instead, the Canadian government has been ruled by platitude. Comprehensive policy analysis has been replaced with social justice and all the ill-conceived initiatives that go along with it. Since assuming power, Trudeau’s social justice cabinet has enshrined Sharia-style blasphemy laws in Canada, and passed a law forcing Canadians to use the pronouns which transgender people want them to use, even if they are made-up–or face jail time.

It was Jordan Peterson’s opposition to Bill C-16, which amended the Canadian Human Rights Code to include protections for transgender people, that rendered him an internet celebrity. Peterson said that he never thought his small YouTube video criticizing the Canadian government would have been viewed by anyone, let alone millions of people. He just felt an urgent need to speak out. Peterson’s success since making his first video suggests to him that people have been craving an alternative view.

While appearing on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, Peterson explained,”there was no way of anticipating” the reaction to his initial video.

Peterson, as he is prone to do, offered a metaphor to describe his success. “There is a large forest, and it’s been a hot dry summer, or maybe a drought, and there’s plenty of dead wood gathered. I lit a spark, and you can’t blame the forest fire on the spark. It is just not possible for someone to put up a YouTube video and cause this kind of brouhaha without all the groundwork already being laid.”

Jordan Peterson is a world-renowned psychologist from the University of Toronto. However, Peterson is a rarity in the social sciences because he does not come from a Marxist perspective. Instead, Peterson relies on clinical methods and the scientific method. By using these tools, Peterson realized that Bill C-16 was not just totalitarian but it also harmed the people it sought to help.

Bill C-16 is totalitarian because it compels speech. Under Bill C-16, anyone critical of the transgender ideology, or anyone who refuses to use the ever-growing list of new pronouns, is guilty of a human rights abuse and can be fined tens of thousands of dollars or even face jail time.

After speaking up, Peterson was subjected to the classic slander and defamation campaigns we have come to expect from the left-wing media. His professional opinion was dismissed as bigoted and intolerant. The Canadian government even pulled his research funding. Peterson was allowed to testify before the Canadian Senate against Bill C-16, but this was mere appeasement, and the government took none of his concerns to heart.

While Peterson was unable to prevent the passing of Bill C-16, his rise to intellectual stardom should raise warning flags for cultural Marxists. Before speaking out, Peterson was unknown outside of the psychological community. Yet now, after speaking out, he is one of the most sought-after YouTube personalities.

Peterson’s YouTube channel now has 439,000 subscribers and he is earning over $65,000 per month on Patreon, a platform for crowdfunding. Peterson, an outspoken critic of the Marxist dominance over college campuses, is using the money to help fix post-secondary education.

With the money, Peterson has produced a highly-successful series of lectures discussing “The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories,” which traces the fundamental truths of human psychology to their biblical foundations. Peterson’s ultimate goal is to “take the humanities back from the corrupt postmodernists, and offer education of the highest possible quality everywhere at 1/10 the price or less,” according to his Patreon.

“I am now starting to formalize my plans to bring accredited online humanities education to as many people as possible around the world.” Peterson offers, “We’ll start with the humanities, including history, generating something approximately a four-year liberal arts college degree, teaching people how to be responsible, literate, effective, powerful, confident citizens.”