ALERT: GOP Congressman Drops Charlottesville Bombshell

There is deep divide regarding the violence at Charlottesville, Virginia. The political Left, the mainstream media, and the majority of US politicians believe in a “one-sided” narrative in which there were “peaceful” Left-leaning counter-protesters being attacked. Meanwhile, President Trump the new media, and much of the Republican base acknowledge the violence committed by both sides–including the radical left-wing group Antifa.

However, members of Congress are beginning to challenge the media’s established narrative. As Breitbart reports, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), is now calling for a Department of Justice investigation into Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) and Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer (D) for their role in “facilitating” violence.

Gohmert appeared on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends Weekend, dealing a critical judgment on the local government’s handling of the demonstrations at Charlottesville. The Texas Congressman also criticized GOP leadership, particularly Paul Ryan, for seemingly sabotaging President Trump’s agenda.

Gohmert notes that McAuliffe and Signer share in the blame for the three deaths and 19 injured at Charlottesville. He says the city and police department’s actions enabled violence by putting two armed, virulent groups with hatred for one another directly in each other’s path.

Gohmert suspects the situation was premeditated, bringing to mind the Project Veritas-reported Democrat Party agitators who attended Trump rallies with the intention of inciting violence–which they could use to discredit the then-Republican presidential candidate.

Because of the uncertain circumstances leading up to the deaths of one Left-leaning protester and two police officers, Gohmert argues an investigation by the Department of Justice is warranted.

“The way forward’s not gonna be easy,” Gohmert said. “And I think the Justice Department needs a full investigation of the governor, of the mayor. They said in court there would be violence at Charlottesville, and then the witnesses and the photographs show they herded these groups to create violence so they could brag.”

Congressman Gohmert also calls for a DOJ investigation into Jason Kessler, the white supremacist organizer of Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right” rally. Kessler has been the subject of immense suspicion due to previously being a fervent left-wing Obama supporter, as reported by Christian News Alerts.

Gohmert added his voice to those accusing Kessler of being a plant who purposely orchestrated the Charlottesville tragedy in order to damage the reputation of the political Right. “You don’t just go all of a sudden from having multiracial roommates and a Jewish girlfriend to all of a sudden being a white supremacist that wants to join the Republican party. There’s something very, very wrong in all of this,” he said.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), is now calling for a Department of Justice investigation into Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) and Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer (D) for their role in “facilitating” violence. Should DOJ investigate?

The popular Texas lawmaker concluded that Democrats, specifically McAuliffe and Signer, are ultimately responsible for having facilitated the violence. “Like they were the violence at Trump events, they may have been behind this violence getting started. They facilitated it, anyway,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert’s position is in stark contrast to the views expressed by the most prominent members of the Republican leadership. As The Atlantic reports, Paul Ryan (R-WI), criticized President Trump for saying that “both sides” share in the blame. Ryan looked past the actions of Antifa, claiming, “There are no sides. There is no other argument.”

John McCain (R-AZ), also took issue with Trump’s statement, as posted on Twitter. Nevertheless, a poll shows that the majority of Republicans agree with Trump’s response to Charlottesville, as covered by Newsweek. One thing is certain: the Republican Party is now sharply divided along ideological lines.