BREAKING: Congressional Creeps Get Horrific News, It’s About Time

Throughout Hollywood and government, there is a recent pattern of sex crimes exposed on an almost daily basis. One Congressman is taking a bold stance on these crimes and has something amazing in the works.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), took to Twitter to talk about the current sexual harassment and assault pandemic the country is experiencing. As more victims come forward, the number of sexual predators in government and Hollywood is higher than anyone imaged. Rep. DeSantis announced that he is working on legislation that would force Congressmen to use their own money to pay claims and hire legal counsel.

Rep. DeSantis’ tweet reads, “I’m working on legislation to unseal settlement records, bar use of tax dollars to pay claims against members & staff, prohibit members from using office budgets to camouflage payments (a Conyers rule) & require reimbursement of the taxpayer.”

It is essential that something like this happens, even more so since the exposure of Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), as the newest member of Congress to be accused of sexual misconduct. In fact, Rep. DeSantis specifically mentions Mr. Conyers in his tweet.

The Michigan Democrat allegedly fired an employee after she refused to accept his sexual advances. She reportedly received a settlement after the unlawful termination.

Mr. Conyers paid out a total of $27,000 to the aggrieved employee, which does not paint the Congressman in a good light. The “behind the scenes” payoff reportedly came from taxpayer dollars.

The fact that Rep. DeSantis wants to uncover settlement records is also significant. The American people should be able to see how their elected officials settled controversial cases, especially ones against them personally.

Additionally, people have a right to know if an elected official is using taxpayer money to pay for their lawyer fees, or to cover up their inappropriate sexual behavior. This move allows people to make informed decisions, such as whether they should ask a Congressman to resign for his or her misconduct.

Similarly, Rep. DeSantis’ ban on using taxpayer or office funds would force Congressmen to seek legal counsel outside their regular circle of employees. This would allow for more transparency and objectivity, and is good for the Republic.

Multiple officials are calling for Rep. Conyers to step down after the accusations against him. Rep Kathleen Rice (D-NY), said that Mr. Conyers needs to resign because the allegations against him are “as credible as they are repulsive.”

Rep. DeSantis’ legislation would make members of Congress accused of sexual misconduct to flip the bill for their own legal teams in response. Should elected officials accused of sex crimes be prohibited from using taxpayer dollars in their defense?

Rep. Rice went on to explain that it doesn’t matter if it happened “40 years ago or last week, settlement or no settlement, Democrat or Republican — harassment is harassment, assault is assault.” It is refreshing to find a Democrat take a stand in the face of all of this corruption. Stepping outside of her comfort zone and facing hypocrisy-riddled scrutiny from her liberal colleagues head-on is good for the nation.

Rep. DeSantis’ work will be an essential step in ensuring that members of Congress accused of sexual assault are exposed. As more victims come forward, it is likely that there will be more members of Congress accused of sexual crimes. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.