BREAKING: Congress Gives NFL Devastating News, It’s Brutal

One of the big questions people are asking leading up to the end of the year is whether or not the Republicans’ new tax bill is going to make it through the legislative process. There are plenty of different features in the bill, including one that will target a group that some have called unpatriotic.

The NFL has been at the center of controversy since Colin Kaepernick claimed that no team would hire him after opting out of his contract with the San Fransisco 49ers.  The new tax code looks to target many undeserving groups that have been able to get away with abusing taxpayer dollars unscathed. One longtime congressional tax analyst stated: “Unlike the NFL, middle-class taxpayers have earned the right to take a knee when it comes to subsidizing professional athletic stadiums,” according to The Washington Times.

President Donald Trump has stated that his goal is to save the American people money — to make it so Americans can keep more of their own money. This new bill could potentially allow earners to keep tens of billions of dollars every year.

This money could be used to increase wealth savings for families who have lower than average incomes. It could also provide big breaks for businesses with regard to over-taxation, which would help small businesses around the nation.

As of now, professional stadiums have access to tax-exempt bonds that both state and local governments hand out. This has puzzled many Americans for years, and now, it seems a definitive answer to that puzzle is coming.

Getting rid of this break alone would save the taxpayers about $299 million over the next 10 years, early estimates have predicted. This is a comparatively small change compared to the millions that players bring in annually.

“At a time when sports leagues are earning… billions of dollars in revenue every year, Congress should level the playing field for them and eliminate the subsidy,” the longtime Congressman continued. This is the fight for the American people that was promised by President Trump.

When Colin Kaepernick first started kneeling during the national anthem last season no one thought much of it other than a lone player drawing attention to societal issues. However, this season, an uproar started because no one would hire Kaepernick because of his deteriorating skills and the controversy surrounding his name.

As a result, NFL players around the league started kneeling to protest racial injustice. However, they chose to do this during the national anthem, which did not sit well with an overwhelming majority of Americans.

In fact, the point of the protest was lost when people started realizing that this very unAmerican behavior was occurring at every single NFL game.

Congress’ new tax code just sent a major message to the NFL. Should the NFL stop their protests?

There were talks of cutting the stadium tax-exempt status before the national anthem protest controversy started stirring people up. However, because of the way everyone has consumed this story, the fact that the NFL tax-exemption breaks are on the chopping block is considered by many to be a victory for the American people.

It is unknown if this new tax bill will be settled on by the end of the year.  Many Americans would love to see this resolved so that other pressing issues can be addressed. Perhaps, after tax reform passage, the money saved could be used towards building the border wall that many Americans think the country desperately needs for national security.