BREAKING: U.S. Congress Makes Bombshell Move to Save Charlie Gard

Charlie’s future is looking a little brighter, thanks to Republicans.

The legal battle rages on for the life of Charlie Gard and everyone is tensely awaiting the results. Some members of Congress surprised everyone with a strong push to save Charlie’s life by passing an amendment out of committee to grant him permanent residence in the U.S. This amendment still needs to pass the full House, but it’s doubtful this move would have happened if Democrats were in power. (via The Independent)

Charlie Gard has been all over the news as the world takes an interest in the small infant’s dilemma. His parents want Charlie taken to the U.S. to receive experimental treatment that could save his life, but doctors and judges in the U.K. believe it’s in Charlie’s best interest to take him off life support and end his life.

Many people have taken a stance and shown their support, including President Trump and Pope Francis, as people want to give the parents a fighting chance at saving Charlie’s life. Dr. Michio Harino, a specialist in rare genetic diseases from the U.S., studied Charlie and gave the experimental treatment at least a 10 percent chance of improving his condition.

But doctors from the hospital are doubtful. Katie Gollop, a representative of the hospital, said the doctor’s conclusions are “all very theoretical,” and unlikely to work in Charlie’s case. (via Independent)

To aide the parents in receiving treatment for Charlie, Republican congressmen have passed a motion that gives Charlie a chance to travel to the U.S. According to a tweet sent out by Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE), an amendment might help with the legalities of transporting him.

“We just passed amendment that grants permanent resident status to #CharlieGard and family so Charlie can get the medical treatment he needs.” (via Twitter)

The move to grant permanent residence to Charlie could give the parents the leverage they need to move him to the U.S. without the U.K. courts’ or doctors’ permission.

Even with the incredible move by Congress, things still remain unclear. At the time of this article doctors overseeing Charlie’s case have the authority to call the police to arrest the parents if it’s believed they will cause harm to the child. The doctors believe moving Charlie to the United States would cause harm, and their belief that no treatment is possible for Charlie has led them to the conclusion that keeping him on life support is currently causing him unnecessary harm.

It’s a boon for Charlie that Republicans are at the forefront of our government, as it’s unlikely that Democrats would have lifted a finger to help the child and his parents. The legal battle between Charlie’s parents and the doctors is a model of the pro-life debates here in the U.S. and why so many people are following this story.

U.K. doctors believe taking Charlie off life-support will let him die with “dignity.” Do you think Charlie should be allowed to get treatment in the U.S.?

Conservatives believe that all life is sacred and that parents should have the right to fight for the life of their child. Liberals are focused on Charlie’s rights, and the doctors are more interested in his rights than the parents, so life support should be removed because it’s supposedly in Charlie’s best interest to die.

It’s a battle that has been waged repeatedly when debating end-of-life care, physician assisted suicide, and abortion issues here in the U.S. Charlie Gard’s fight for life is a unique opportunity to see what it’s like for parents to have the right to fight for their child revoked and removing life support be the “humane” solution.

Let’s hope Democrats stay out of power as long as possible so that conservatives can continue to fight for the sanctity of life and the authority of parents.