JUST IN: Comey Announces His Next Anti-Trump Move, And It’s Disgusting

For a brief few weeks, former FBI Director James Comey was considered the last great hope of the left. Specifically, many Democrats wanted Comey to finally expose Trump’s major dealings with Russia during the 2016 election.

Comey ultimately revealed that he himself was guilty of leaking secrets to the mainstream media. Despite this behavior, Comey is set to make millions of dollars by writing a book about his time working for both Obama and Trump. You can bet it will be full of anti-Trump rants. (via The Washington Examiner)

The book is said to contain previously unreleased reports concerning his early meetings with President Trump.

Comey’s book is already being described as a “tell-all memoir” full of juicy details about President Trump’s efforts to obstruct the FBI’s investigation into the Russian “interference” in the 2016 election.

Given Mr. Comey’s track record, it seems that book buyers are in for a major disappointment.

After all, Comey’s testimony before Congress this spring was supposed to blow the lid off of the Trump administration. Millions of Americans tuned in hoping to hear something damaging about Trump and his team’s “collusion” with the Kremlin.

What they got instead was Comey playing the role of a victim while simultaneously admitting that he gave his infamous memos to a Columbia Law professor. These memos were then leaked to the New York Times, which did not even bother to actually read the memos.

As it turns out, four of these memos contained classified information.

More importantly, Comey’s testimony proved more damaging to the Obama administration than it did to the Trump administration. Comey all but admitted that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch blocked the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server from going too far.

Namely, Lynch tried to force the FBI to call the investigation a “matter,” thereby lessening public outcry.

Comey’s upcoming book looks designed to maintain his fifteen minutes of fame for just a while longer. Most Americans would prefer it if he just went away.

After all, Comey’s partisanship was on full display when he used legal gymnastics to not charge Clinton with various crimes, even though he publicly admitted that she indeed did commit those crimes.

If there’s firm reason to believe that Comey broke the law by releasing the now-infamous Trump memos, then he should be prosecuted. Do you agree? Let everyone know in the poll below!

Comey’s connections to the Clinton Foundation resurfaced in the wake of his botched handling of the cut-and-dry Clinton investigation.

All told, Mr. Comey is just another Washington insider with a personal vendetta against our president. It seems fairly obvious that he didn’t take Trump firing him very well, and now he’s out to do as much damage as he can before he becomes completely irrelevant. Unfortunately for Comey, he may already be at this point — people appear to have moved on and aren’t interested in anything else he has to say.

Read his book if you want, but be forewarned: your hard-earned money will wind up in the pocket of a political grifter.