BREAKING: Comey Announces Sick New ‘Career,’ This Is Infuriating

The termination of Former FBI Director James Comey was a big moment for the Trump administration. It was the moment when every American knew that President Donald Trump was not going to keep people around if they were bad at their job or continuously broke the rules.

Despite Comey’s turbulent exit from his role, it seems that he is doing pretty well for himself. According to The Daily Caller, Comey just got a role on a speaking tour that is designed to teach others about “ethical leadership.” Anyone who has looked into James Comey must be scratching their head in confusion right now.

Apparently, Comey is joining up with people like former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the Washington Speaker’s Bureau lecture tour.

Comey’s lectures are said to focus on his “moral compass” that helped push his decision-making process during and after the 2016 election.

The former FBI Director has his own page on the Washington Speaker’s Bureau website. The page describes his accomplishments in his roles, to use the word “accomplishments” loosely.

“Throughout his decades-long career in public service, James Comey has been committed to doing the right thing – at the expense of partisan politics, popular opinion, and even personal friendships,” the website bio reads.

Before Comey was fired, he managed to raise the hair on the necks of both Democrats and Republicans due to his actions. Many Democrats claim that when he decided to reopen the investigation into then-candidate Hillary Clinton and her email scandal one month before the election, he cost her the White House.

Comey was writing up memos saying that Clinton was innocent before he even had the chance to talk to her. Despite the memos, he closed the case again — saying that there was not enough there to charge Clinton. We, like most Americans, know otherwise.

This decision was a huge blunder on his part because according to his own memos the case was supposed to be resolved. Announcing that it was open again brought on a brand new can of worms and angry Democrats in its wake.

On the other hand, Republicans were not thrilled with Comey because he refused to clarify information on the FBI’s investigation into Russia and the 2016 election. Though he later said that there was no such investigation.

Should Comey be blocked from this?

The most perplexing part of it all is the way that Comey wrote numerous memos containing classified information and had those notes on him. He even gave one to his friend with explicit instructions to leak the information to the press. There is nothing ethically sound about the way he did business when he headed the FBI.

We’re not sure why they would try to put Comey on this ethics/leadership speech tour when he seems to lack both of these traits. It is a safe bet that there will be people listening to these speeches and clinging to every word so that they can uncover more about Comey’s less-than-morally-acceptable behavior when he served as director of one of the most important groups in the United States.