BREAKING: Colorado Teachers Have a Surprise in Store for School Shooters

You know times are getting worse when schoolteachers start needing to take the protection of their students into their own hands.

Because that’s exactly what is happening right now in Colorado today. A group called the “Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response” or FASTER will be training 17 school personnel on how to handle firearms in live shooter situations. Once finished, they will be able to carry concealed weapons with them. (via AOL News)

As you can imagine, those scheming for the slow eradication of the Second Amendment are already on the move. The group Safe Campus Colorado told local news that this training and the presence of weapons in classrooms would be “detrimental to the safety of both students and teachers.” How will this be detrimental? They don’t say. Nor do they say how our children are supposed to stay safe when an armed shooter walks into an unarmed school.

Just pray?

Better to pray for the shooter’s soul after they have been incapacitated by these courageous men and woman taking this training, than for your own child’s survival, to be perfectly blunt.

In fact, a study conducted last year by John R. Lott Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center concluded that despite the over 215% increase in concealed handgun permits, murder rates nationwide dropped by 16%.

Carno, founder of Coloradans for Civil Liberties which paid for those 17 staff members’ FASTER training, said that it is “by and large [for] rural school districts, who have made the decision that law enforcement is 30-45 minutes away,” Carno explained. “They are their own first responders.”

“If you picture a bad guy with ill intent and wanting to harm a particular school, if he knows that school staff is armed, or that a particular staff member is armed, that gives him a strategic advantage. We never want the bad guy to have a strategic advantage,” he continued.

We still live in an imperfect world with many wicked people inhabiting it. If our Shepherd told to us, His sheep, to “sell you cloak and buy a sword,” then where lay the motivation of these wolves in sheep’s clothing telling us to disarm ourselves?

Fifty years ago one could hardly hear an instance of a mass shooting, especially in a school. Yet somehow we see an acceleration of this sort of behavior. Society and humanity are getting sicker. Culture and identity are getting torn apart. As we depart from what the Founding Fathers originally intended for us, and deviate into secularism, liberalism, and the ill fruits that those philosophies bear forth, is it really any wonder that we see a rise in gun crime and the hopelessness of our youth?

Isn’t it ironic how those who have caused this rise in crime, those who orchestrated this nation’s deviation from its intended course, are trying to peddle the solution for that? First, they create the problem, then offer the supposed solution — which doesn’t help the problem and just consolidates their power.

To those factions within this country, the eradication of the Second Amendment is their ultimate fantasy, and they are cunning enough not to do so overtly, but to be methodical in chipping it away. I hope I am wrong, but as tragedy like Sandy Hook increase in frequency, expect to see more emotional manipulation and demagoguery from the political left.